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What would life be like without beautiful dreams?

Dawn comes
Awakening me from my reverie
Gentle light creeps in
Bathing your face
Outlining the curve of your cheek
Your mouth, and I sigh
Jealous of the light

Unable to resist
My fingertips smooth your tousled hair
And glide along your forehead
Soothing, sensing your dreams,
Feeling your pulse, your warmth
as your mouth curves, a hint of a smile
I cannot help but smile with you, content and whole

The placid rise and fall of your chest
Entices me to place my palm
Just over your heart
The beloved rhythm beneath
Strong, steady and sure
I close my eyes to feel the beating
Reverberate through my body

You stir and capture my hand
Holding me there over your heart
As if to claim me, to acknowledge our bond
Opening your sleep-filled eyes
You turn towards me reaching out hungrily
Yet gently encompassing, enfolding me
Again, I sigh, jealous of nothing

I fold into your arms, your hands
At the nape of my neck
In the small of my back
I can feel the whorls of your fingertips
Leaving their unique mark on my skin
Evidence of your presence beside me
Proof I am your possession

Dawn comes
Awakening me from my reverie
My eyes flutter open
Disoriented, confused, and I see
The light gently creeping in illuminating
The emptiness of the pillow next to mine
And I realize it was all just a dream

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