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Is a fictional account set for the day of Rapture, when the Lord Jesus Christ returns.
Stanley bundled his laptop, breakfast and lunch into his totem bag and got into his car. Reaching his friend’s home, he honked the horn twice. Daniel scurried out. He opened the gate to let Stanley park his car in the front yard. Then he hurried and opened his car door for Sudhir.

As they coasted along the highway for the long commute they did every day, it seemed like any other day. They talked about their work and the weather. Sudhir took a sandwich from his bag and started munching. “Care for a bite Dan? “ he asked his friend. Busily negotiating the traffic on the highway, Daniel mumbled, “No thanks. I’ve had my breakfast at home.”

They passed the usual tollgates and proceeded closer to their office. It would take just about 15 minutes now for them to reach. Suddenly the car lurched. It veered off the road. Stanley was flabbergasted. Quickly wiping off the breadcrumbs from his lips, he turned to look at Daniel. It was then that he got the shock of his life. Where on earth was Daniel? Daniel has disappeared. Or so it seemed! Dan’s clothes were still on the driver’s seat but he was nowhere to be seen! By a miracle Stanley managed to get the control of the car and brought it to a stop before it crashed on to the road divider.

“What? What could have happened? Where is Dan?” stammered Stanley. Foolishly he realized that he was talking to himself. He opened the car door and found that there were some other near accidents on the highway. Just ahead of him an airplane had crashed and caught fire. “My God! What is happening?” he wondered.

His immediate concern was for Susan, his wife. Fishing his mobile out he called her number. She was not responding. Anxiety growing by the minute, he tried again and again. Still no response. “The number you called is not responding” intoned an unearthly female voice. Sweating profusely though it was a cold morning, he called his mother. No response from her too. He mused, “What on earth could have happened to my wife and mum?”

As a last resort, he called his friend Nathaniel who was a news reporter. After a while Nathaniel responded, “Hi Stanley, what’s happening man?”

“You tell me, Nat,” he mumbled. “No one knows Stanley,” declared Nathaniel, “ there have been reports from all over the world that some people have disappeared suddenly a few minutes ago.”

“What… How can it be?”

“BBC says that they sighted some UFOs. They are under the impression that some extraterrestrials arrived and are teleporting some of us earthlings to their own planet.”

“Really! I just can’t believe it, Nat,” said Stanley as he gingerly entered Daniel’s car.

He opened the glove compartment to find a booklet Daniel had placed there. The title glared at him, “If you have been left behind.” Stanley grabbed the booklet and read it from cover to cover.

The book was concise and clear. In the event of the rapture or part A of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, many believers would disappear suddenly, in one moment. If you are left behind, get hold of a Bible and read. Accept that you are a sinner. Believe in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Confess your sins. Turn back from them. Invite the Lord to enter in to your heart and cleanse it. And pray.

Stanley couldn’t stop trembling. “Am I left behind? He wondered. He remembered how last Christmas in the Office Party Daniel had clearly outlined all this in a lovingly designed presentation he shared with all of them. Is this it then? He thought, “Have I been left behind?”

Right there in Daniel’s parked car in the bye lane, he prayed. Admitting his sins & believing that the Lord Jesus was the only Saviour, he asked Him to come into his heart and cleanse him of all his sins.

Dear reader, yes, the Lord Jesus Christ, the birthday baby of Christmas is scheduled to make his v2 advent soon. Very soon. He will come on a surprise visit. The dead in Him will go up first to meet Him, and then those of us alive and believing in Him will be raptured. It will be all over in a jiffy, in a twinkling of the eye, as it were!

Are you ready for the Rapture?

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