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Interpreting personal and worldly understandings. A poetic nonfiction passage
this is an idea that came to me yesterday - being 7/8/2020 - about some things I've learned from reading the lyrics of U2...

& reading the back story that inspired the song(s)

(or maybe, sometimes, just a single line)
my interpretation at least

& the truths & wisdom I have found & learned

from my intuition lead traveling ventures...

have you ever had a beautiful sound of song

just suddenly come into your mind?...

or an image of a magnificent painted scenic

sunset seemingly explode into your imagination

inspired by a deep moving experience you had

& even though you may have worked it
quite thoroughly, the mighty mysterious magic of it just seemed to flow with
graceful glorious smoothness from your heart and soul

if you have felt these sounds... or painted

the pictures of a few flowing words:...

[ something that just 'came out!'... ... ..

than I say your fingers flowed... and you spoke

with the voice of an Angel

Deep truths and discoveries:... wisdom:... feelings... whether from this life or previous lives, it... well, feels like the deeper the understanding within my soul, the more fluidly and magically it's rhythms and rhymes come out in my arts. ... ...
Although now it seems sometimes a bit backwards with the schizophrenia.


Namaste ~* Lily 'Pad' Wilder (Alias)

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