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wondering what will the thousand-year reign look like, Revelation 20:4-8
I wonder and ponder what will the thousand-year reign look like?
The saints from the great gathering /harvest of souls will be there.
The saints that come out of the great tribulation will be there.
All the saints will be there all dressed in white what a wonderful sight.
I am no bible scholar but it seems to me all saints are safely in the Lord's care.
Will you be one of the saints safely in His care?
Some on earth, some in Heaven but all safely in his care.
Not sure but it seems you will be able to come and go as you please.
From earth to Heaven and back again.
I think or so it seems to me.
Living, loving, and worshipping with our Lord we will be.
Seemingly we will have work to do and not always just standing at ease.
Your work is not just randomly given but purposely given.
Seemingly based on a reward system according to what you did on earth.
If you did much for Christ great is your reward in Heaven.
If little was done on earth than don't expect much of a reward in Heaven.
An account of your life will be given at this time.
This is where rewards and jobs are given.
Some saints may even get to judge the nations.
This time will be filled with peace and bliss.
It's truly something I don't want to miss.
I imagine that food and drink will be plenty.
Tables and tables draped with white liens.
More food than you have seen in your life and with great variety.
I imagine that there will be no night there.
I imagine that his glory and light will be felt and seen everywhere.
I imagine much celebrating will be going on there.
Each person will get to greet and talk with Jesus or at least that's what I imagine.
We will sing a new song of victory and triumph for and about our Lord Jesus.
Jesus will give his speech and welcome giving congratulations to all.
Jesus will walk and talk with each of us as we work, worship, and play each day.
Oh, how I wonder and ponder about that great day and what it will be like?
Will you be there?

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