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Where is love? What world does it belong in?
1102 word entry into September's "Paranormal Romance Short Story Contest

Love changed me. Marcus Ruby caught me completely off guard. I thought the power of feeling we shared would change him as well. “You like it,” he whispered, his breath teasing warm and softly against my ear.

And I did. Marcus Ruby was like no other lover I had ever seen much more less met. “I do. You are temptation in one word.” I returned his whispered caress with my own until our lips met and I surrendered to desire.

“You devil,” I laughed when our hearts stopped racing.

He blushed entirely red. Two horns broke through his scalp. “You caught me out.”

If you were me, what would you have done? His revelation of true being was complete. A devil, if only one of lesser degree than the absolute owner of the said name, was still not human nor would he ever be if he ever had been.

What a heart tug this tore within me. I was no angel, true. That is where our common bond had met. Neither was I nor could be such as this strangely beguiling lover I had met. “Where do we go from here?” I asked both of us in the same wondering sentence.

Could I change him. Perhaps, I could. It was more than a thought. It was a temptation of my own. Had he not yielded from an eternity of lies when showing me his real self? There was pure truth in what he had done. For me it was enough.

Marcus Ruby was a name like any other. It was not his only one. It was a hat that he wore. He took it off when we met in the delights of the flesh where our contrived intimacy wore him down. “What is your real name?” I kissed the question upon his all too willing lips.

“Lover, Sweetheart, Darling, take your pick. They all are applying to grace the tip of your tongue,” my devilish lover laughed as he replied.

I relinquished my hold on our lovers knot, feeling his unwilling withdrawal as if it were my own. “But there is a name given you which remains a wall between us. Think how complete our ecstasy would be if we gave everything to each other,” the little devil within me teased in turn. Tease was part of our mating dance we both used to lick the flames of passion higher.

“If I gave you that gift, it would ruin us, the careless balance we possess.” He was Marcus Ruby again, full of impish dark looks and knowing tongue searching mine for other expression.

I gave myself up to sharing my life breath. Sweetened by love’s owning, we became a small separate world and eternity of our own. There is no other feeling like it. The surrender is so complete. Body, soul, mind, if only for an instant, harvests the universe and becomes one with it. Love making is the key which unlocks that door.

“Tell me, you must.”

Marcus Ruby. Lover. Darling, could not resist. His name of names is now my own. I carry it in my belly, in the seed he planted there. The imp growing within me, both human and devil, what an impossibly new born life that offers. I felt it the moment my loved and only one shared it with me.

“You fell for me,” I spoke in solemn wonder. My devil could never return to Earth or the Hell from which he had shortly escaped from. The balance we had known was broken.

“Falling in love is truly just that,” Marcus Ruby was no longer himself. The impish passion felt replaced by something more. “There is a bit of lost angel in all demons, you see.”

“Devotion. It will be needed to tame the birth of our son.”

Our mating is not pure playful lust we become lost in now. That world is lost, the cost of imbalance and change. We each do our part to guide our path in the new dwelling we make our home within. I find myself doing simple small things to please my devil may care mate as he so willingly does for me. It takes the brunt off the selfish world ever trying to invade ours. “Will it be enough when our son is born?”

He feels like an imp kicking inside me, growing his wiles. There is a bit of a devil within his touch. My mate laughs when his caress meets that part of himself embedded within me there. “I know him like I know myself. We’ll be alright. You will see.”

A frown disturbs his smile. “What I am worried about is the child’s human fallibility. That is the great unknown. It offers a bit of heaven’s grace as well as a more earthy tone. Humanity is ever a question mark in that regard, don’t you think? ”

I could not answer. No one such as I can predict the future. It is a wavering uncertain sort of thing, put together in hopes, sighs, and temporary patches of sweat and yearning. When the temptation to force it to become something more creates a wall instead, I reach for the only thing I know for balm and solace.

Our love making is slower now, more sure, caring, all secret desires revealed. The only surprise is how beautiful it feels. “Trust,” my devilish angel calls it, knowing a little of all possible worlds. “There is no need for a balancing act, now, is there?”

The question has answered itself. That is the best of all possible worlds and I know it. Whatever the changeling soon born from within me may offer, trust will be its companion. It will bring it to meet my own. A child’s trust offers vulnerability, the virtue that makes the best of change possible.

“There will always be a balancing act. Your devilish imp is never lost nor far behind.”

“Perhaps. Yes, but it never catches up more than momentarily with where we are now, does it? We are so much more.”

“And even more we will be.” I knew it was time. “What shall we call it?” I asked my true love. The seed had grown. It was ready.

“Oh. We’ll call our son many things. Each name will be honest and true. Imp, devil, all too human, little angel, but the name he gives himself, we’ll have to wait for.”

There is a universe of possibilities. I would not take one away from what is offered. We all make our own world to live in. May yours be as sweetly real as mine.

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