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by Amber
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It is about my connection to the night.
I step outside, all my problems disappear
The moon is smiling, the sky is clear
Everything comes back, all the lost time
i gaze into the night
Time has no meaning, the clock has stopped ticking
beauty around me
but i am alone
I sit under a tree, nothing around me
no one there but me
That is just how i had wanted it to be
disappearing in the dark
Start over again
choose my own pain
Have nothing and no one
A feeling that i no longer exist
But i do
emptiness and hollowness, the heart is incomplete
something yet its nothing
i go on with the wind
not a care in the world
for i am alone
I've disappeared
into the night air
all my worries afloat
i am free i am alone
nothing no one but me
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