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My task is to promote three member's activities.
Promotional Ad Number ONE. I have NO idea how to link the actual posts to this page, but if you look on my notebook feed, I'm sure it will be easy enough to find. For my first ProMo, I chose the Space Blog Auction. This is what I wrote:

Come on friends, get in your space ships, teleport yourself or beam yourself up to the

Space Blog Auction (E)
An auction to raise funds to credit reviews to Space Blog Forum.
#2227324 by (357)

There you will find galactical goodies from all over the milky way. Your bids will be helping not one, but three well known and beloved groups here in the WDC community.

Don't be shy...the next THREE people who place a bid of 85K or HIGHER will get a chance to win two merit badges and a special surprise gift from ME. Just make your bid, and email me letting me know which package you bid on...so what have ya got to lose?

For my second promotional ad for my friend Jessica's writing contest.

Hey Ya'll, don't let this little gem of a contest slip by unnoticed. Who's gonna give me some competition and take a walk down memory lane? The year was 2000, can you remember that far back? It took some doing for me, but if I did it, so can you! Come on, give us your best memories!

I Love 2000 (E)
2000 was a great year, come to reflect and write
#2228259 by (399)

Now, for my third promotional which I'll admit I had a lot of fun with! It's a little longer than the other two.

Pssst, hey! You, yeah, reading this post. Come here. Closer. No, closer. Hey, have you taken Lilli her daily cup of coffee yet? *MugLP*

WHAT! *Shock2* What do you mean NO?!

This could have catastrophic consequences and throw the entire Question Of The Day forum in to complete and total chaos! EVERYBODY and I do MEAN EVERYBODY knows the Queen of Coffee just can't function without her daily um, Coffee!

You better hope she doesn't find you. Look. Come here. Closer....{looks around to make sure no one overhears what I'm about to tell you.} Slip on over, reeeal quiet like, ease up next to Lilli and just slide that mug over to her. No sudden movements! No sudden loud noise! While your there, take a peek at today's question and offer up a REALLY good answer. You JUST MIGHT be forgiven. But, I make NO promises. *Whistle*

Question of the Day! (18+)
Come answer a question, share a laugh, encourage one another, and bring me a coffee!
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