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A short story about two teens who commit an awful prank and try to stay outta trouble.
It was supposed to be the prank to end all pranks. The Grand Finale. Something the senior class would go down in history for. But instead, it turned into a disaster of epic proportions.
The Prank was simple: Let a horse roam up and down the halls, free to frolic down the halls as he pleased. But instead, the horse ran straight into the principal’s office. He wrecked everything in sight, reducing her office to a pile of broken glass and papers. This mess included her prized twenty thousand gold vase she won at a sailor’s auction, as well as a chocolate present on her desk. Although the entire class planned it out, the task was placed on two lucky siblings: David and Diamond. It is easy to guess who took the fall.
At dinner, they fidgeted around with their forks and nervously ate their food, hoping that their parents would not bring up the dreaded question.
“How was school today?” their father asked. David wanted to bury his head in the ground.
“School was…. school,” he replied.
“Really?” their mother asked with a mischievous grin, “You know, I heard on the news somebody let a horse run wild in the school”
“I heard about that,” Diamond said, “But uh, I didn’t see it”.
The father raised an eyebrow. “You two are acting strange, hell, you’re even eating faster than usual. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought you guys did it”
David shot out his seat so quick his plate almost flopped off the table. “No, that’s…yeah, that’s not us”
After finishing the most awkward dinner in human history, David and Diamond went to “the shack” to finish their homework. “The shack” is the name for the basement – a long and dark room filled with vintage wine and computers. Typically, they came down there to finish their homework or score liquor for upcoming parties. While checking their E-mails, David came across a message with a red exclamation point. After hesitating a bit, he took a deep breath and read it.
“Dear David and Diamond,
You two have done the most irresponsible things I ever seen in the history of education. I need to speak with you and your parents tomorrow at 10:30”.
“We…are…screwed,” he said to himself. But Diamond smirked a bit.
“Not exactly,” she said, “You see, the principal has only been here for a week”.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“She don’t know us just yet,” she explained to him, “All we gotta do is say our parents are outta town and we can’t speak English”
David rubbed his chin and thought for a second. “That sounds like it could work, what language are we gonna speak?”
“Spanish,” Diamond replied.
“You kidding me?” he said, “I don’t know a lick of Spanish”.
She sighed and told him, “Don’t worry, we’ll just practice on Duolingo, we just need to know the basic stuff anyways”
David looked up and said, “I hope to God this works”.
The next morning, David and Diamond strutted to the principal’s office with a cocky grin. They walked in as if they were A-list celebrities and took their seats slowly.
“Look at my office!” the principal screamed.
“Me no hablo Ingles,” David said.
“Yes they do,” their father said. The mother walked in not shortly after.
“How did you find us?” Diamond asked.
“We got the E-mail too,” their mother said, “now let’s discuss punishments”.

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