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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Relationship · #2231261
Some myths are real and should be believed
Phoenix Rising

When fire rises in your eyes,
when passion burns so high;
that smile hides a thousand lies,
protecting truths, we try...

We try to be an island, fort,
protected by a reef;
remote up in the Highlands, caught,
connected far beneath

the ground beneath the water runs,
streamed, saline... its relief
tectonic, plates grind, torture plumbs,
... such water has its teeth

Teeth that could consume you whole,
when dared to brave the depths;
careful hearts that beat true, toll
'midst souls that have the breadth

With glory in the rapture, found,
as blood swirls in the waves;
a beauty hard to capture, ground,
a sight that's hard to save

Some will skim the surface, long,
some sail peaceful shores;
some will think they're worthless, wrong
... some will think they're more

The tempests come regardless, cold,
such squalls will twist and turn;
the storms we try to harness, hold,
beneath the waves we churn

Caught up in an undertow,
directionless, we spin;
helpless in an overflow,
brash battles we can't win

Afraid to reach the harbour, safe,
afraid to reach the shore;
a land sun drenched in ardour, strafed,
forever wanting more

Connected 'neath the surface, joined,
yet lacking direct touch;
safety with a surplus coined,
a distance that hides much

but fire can burn anywhere,
a space to drown, to save;
options for a heart that dares,
such flames will ride such waves

staid smiles shrouding many lies,
protected truths we hide;
a fire raised in strangers' eyes
.... should never be denied
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2231261-Phoenix-Rising