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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2231273
Holiday Short Story
273 words

It's my birthday. Of course I'm having a party. I've got beer (Corona brand of course) and sandwiches (Double wrapped for your protection.) Now, there have to be certain rules. I live in a bedsit so it's one in - one out.

Angus knocked at the door. He wore a mask like a gargoyle (creepy). I handed him a beer using the helping hand I borrowed from Gran. "Help yourself to a sandwich." I had to sidle around the bed to allow him to reach the table. "I'm afraid that when the next guest comes you gotta leave." I pointed to the exit sign above the window.

"Er ... okay ..." He went to hand me a card. I took it with the tool and dropped it into a lined bin.

"I'll open it in a couple of days when the bugs have died."

"Got any music?"

"Sorry, my landlord insists on peace and quiet." There was another knock. It was Rustika and Sleepy Serpent. "Sorry, Angus, you gotta go so these guys can come in."

Angus struggled to get over the window ledge and landed on his backside. I hoped he was okay, but I had a door to answer.

"Hi guys, come on in. Help yourself to beer and sandwiches." I back away, trying to maintain six feet distance, but with two of them I ended up out of the window. I spied Angus, hobbling away in the distance. "Bye, Angus, thanks for coming."

I turned and stared through the window as Sleepy and Rustika filled a bag with what was left of the beer and sandwiches and headed out of the front door.
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