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To keep a record of my writings in English. My native language is Spanish :)
We are in Germany in 1918, after the first world war, along with a small family living in great pain. The war killed their only son, and the girl who was supposed to be his future wife, Anna, was living with the family as a daughter Germany lost the war, so between the citizens, the smell of resentment filled the air. People were sitting around tables to talk about the war and how this horrific event touched their families. Another recurrent topic in their talks was the severe feelings against France, where Frenchmen waved their flags of victory in front of the pained faces of the Germans.

In this context, a new character arrived without being known by anyone, not only because he was new in the town but also he was from France. One day, when Anna was planning to have a visit to the tomb of her fiancé, she found the stranger in front of the grave. That was something unusual because the last time she saw her fiancé was before his death, and that was after he traveled to France where he died. She identified all of his friends. The stranger was crying in front of the grave, and also he put some flowers on the tomb. She approached him and asked who he was and how he knew him. The Frenchman couldn't even talk looking at her eyes and left the place without an answer.
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