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What do you do when the prey stops coming?
Three Squares

Tobias’ stomach gave a long, drawn-out rumble.

“I’ve had no food for what seems like eons! I’m wasting away,” he growled.

With effort, he climbed out from under and stretched. Then sniffed.

“I smell bread !”

Following his bulbous nose, Tobias found a boy eating a crust under a tree. As usual, when it came to humans, all he had to do was look fierce. With a loud cry, the boy ran for his life. Picking up the stale, moldy slice, the troll grimaced.

“Bait,” he said.

Heading back to his bridge, Tobias searched the scattered bones under it for enough to make a trap. As he built the ten inch square structure, he remembered the Three Billy Goats Gruff that the bones came from.

“I wish I had that juicy meat now,” he mumbled.

Word had gotten around, because nothing had crossed his bridge since. He fashioned a hook from one of his yellowed toenails and hung a piece of the crust in the center of the cage. Setting it near the edge of the forest that surrounded the road to his home, Tobias settled in to wait.

Before long, a large animal was caught in the trap. When the troll tried to take it out, he found it had taken the shape of the trap and was hard to remove. After some effort and care, as he did not want to break it, Tobias got it free and feasted.

So it went, twice more. The creatures he trapped got so wedged in, their bodies came out square shaped. The third meal couldn’t be freed without breaking the trap!

“It was nice having three squares! But I haven’t any more crusty bait! Time to go back to fishing with toenail hooks and toe jam bait off my foot!”

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