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What is 'your' destiny?
Destiny- Chapter Ten

Once we regained consciousness after the brutal impact of the wormhole, I looked around us and realized the major trouble that I had caused. Surrounding us was a massive crowd of busy people with weird rectangular-looking things in their hands hurrying pass us and cars that had illuminating colors zoomed away. There were buildings that seemed to touch the sky everywhere with bright lights flashing. Jamie looked at her watch and said,"Harley, what did you do?"

We were in Times Square, New York; not too far away from the museum. It was the same time, month and day as of when we left: Friday, November 1st, 6:47p.m. The problem was that it was an entirely different year.

"2019?" I screamed after Jamie informed me about our problem. A couple of people passing by looked at us as if we were crazy. No one seemed to notice that we had literally popped up from nowhere. They kept on going about the rest of their day.

"You pushed us 73 years into the future, you idiot!" Jamie scolded me. I was bewildered by the sights. It was amazing. I couldn't help but smile a little after seeing such wonderful advancements in humanity. "Why are you smiling? This isn't a good thing. We cannot mess with the timeline. We gotta get back to 1946," Jamie exclaimed.

"Of course this is a good thing. Remember there were three missing books, right? We have one of them already. Using the technology in this era, it wouldn't bee too hard to get the rest. I promise once we've retrieved all of the books, we can use your orb thingies to get us back to our time," I informed.

"Slight problem, thanks to you, the orbs got destroyed during the impact when we landed here," Jamie grumped with sarcasm. I rubbed my head in frustration as I thought about an alternative.

"Jamie, I am so sorry. This is all my fault. I'm sure there's a store here that sells them. If not, I am positive that they will have a teleportation station," I apologized. I walked up to a bald-headed man standing near a bus stop. He was looking down on one of the glowing rectangular boxes when I approached him. "Hey, what's buzzin', cousin? Quick question, can you point me to the nearest teleportation station?" I smiled.

"Ummm, are you on coke?" the bald man asked.

"C-coke? No. I prefer sprite. Does that have something to do with the station?" I responded.

"Ok, I'm not into whatever game you're playing. Just go away," he scowled.

"Geez, didn't mean to flip your wig, you chrome-dome," I sassily whispered to myself as I slowly walked away. The man overheard mumbles and got really angry.

"What'd you say? Huh? Say it again, you imbecile!" the man yelled and came at me all puffed up. He was almost two feet taller than me but I wasn't intimidated. I stood up straight and looked up at him in the eye. My fist curled up and so did his. "You think you're so tough, huh?" he joked.

"Go ahead. Try me. Your mortal body doesn't have the strength to even put a scratch on me," I ridiculed. Just then, Jamie tapped my shoulder to remind me that a crowd was forming and that the people were unaware of our powers. Because of this, I slowly released my fist. The man was still very angry and it was clear to me that he wasn't backing down. I had to use my powers. The man threw his arm back to prepare for a punch. All of a sudden, another man with an Australian accent jumped in the way to protect me.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! I don't think ya wannah do that, mate," the Australian man yelled.

"Move out of the way, Ollie!" shouted the bald man with his furious eyes fixed on me.

"No, this sheilah belongs ta the bloody queen herself, visitin' from England as hah third cousin, fair dinkum cobber!" said the Australian man. I didn't understand a single thing he said but the bald man seemed surprised and he immediately apologized to me. I was speechless. The bald man moved away and the crowd dispersed. The Aussie turned around to face me and I saw his face for the first time. He looked slightly older than me; about twenty-two years old. His eyes were ice blue and his hair was the perfect shade between Irish red and chocolate brown. He had one of the most happiest faces that I had ever seen. "You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, uh, I'm sorry but I didn't understand a single thing you said but thank you," I chuckled.

"No worries, mate. I'm Oliver William. 'N you are?" he smiled.

"Harley Hope," I responded. His eyes were like the ocean and they somewhat reminded me of Abigaro's bright blue eyes.

"Harley was my grandmother's name. A wonderful soul, was she. Say, ya wouldn't mind joining' me fawr a drink?" Oliver suggested.

"As much as I would love that, I'm actually trying to get somewhere," I sighed. Oliver offered to take me wherever I wanted to go but when I told him we were headed off to the Indian Ocean, he seemed hesitant to continue. He told us that the Indian Ocean wasn't a very easy place to get to, mostly because it was over 10,000 miles away from America.

"Ya'll av ta cross the Atlantic Ocean 'n through Africah ta get theah. Unless ya wannah take a chockers flight straight through-,"Oliver explained.

"Sorry, how long would that take?" I interrupted.

"Ya can fly direct from London ta Praslin with British Airways. It would take about sixteen hours. This includes two stops along the way." He justified.

"Oh no. Praslin? I can't- I'm sorry. Thank you so much for your offer, Oliver, but I think we're better off on our own," I replied.

"No wawrries. It was fahkin' nice meetin' ya. I hope ta see ya soon awr lader. Av a good as gold night!" Oliver exclaimed as he waved goodbye. Jamie was very disappointed. She was dying for the luxury of a paid flight so when I turned down the offer, she was furious.

"Why the hell did you do that? The guy was totally flirting with you and you just shut him down!" Jamie argued. In order for her to stop harassing me about what a horrible decision I made, I told Jamie the real reason why I didn't want to go. "The flight goes to Praslin. Though it's the easiest way to get to our destination, it's not a friendly place for people of our background," I explained as we both explored the buildings around us.

I remembered my father telling me that some of our ancestors got into a bit of trouble around the year 1500. At the time, my family history was just beginning to develop. My great, great, great grandfather, Atlantes Cauldron, was elected as the Superior of Good and slaughtered the Commander of Evil a few years later. My father's great, great, great cousin, Vasco da Gama, led the 4th Portuguese India Armada. It was believed that Vasco's uncle, Vicente Sodré, along with his cousin, Estêvão da Gama, were the ones who caused The Ancient Book: Volume Three to be lost at sea during the fleet to Kannur (Cannanore), India. The book was previously owned by a warlock but Atlantes stole it back, passing it on to Vasco. It was unknown why the warlocks had the book in the first place or how they even got a hold of it. It was because of Atlantes' poor decision, the warlocks developed envy and hatred for the Cauldron family. While some of them fled to the U.S. military, others decided to settle down in Praslin. My family has lived in fear for over four hundred years and finally it seemed the warlocks of Praslin had forgotten about us. But if there was even the slightest possibility that they still had revenge written in their bones, it would be the beginning of World War 3.

We managed to find ourselves on a bus heading to an airport named LaGaurdia. We were not in any way going to Praslin, but I had another idea. We were going back to Portugal. I was eager and scared to see what had happened to my home country over the past seventy years. While we were waiting to board the aircraft, I spotted a familiar face. He looked older, but not as old as he should be. In fact, I was surprised that he was still even alive after all those years. It was Henry Anderson; the same officer I had bumped into during my heist in 1946. If it was actually him, he should've been at least ninety-five years old, but he looked like he was in his thirties. The only explanation for his timeless appearance was if he had powers. I yelled across the room, hoping he would remember me," Henry! Henry, is that you?" He was about to enter the gateway to an aircraft when he spun around looking for the person who called his name. I waved to get his attention with delight. His facial expression completely changed when he noticed me. He did not look happy at all. I immediately stopped waving when I looked around and saw everyone in the building moving in slow motion. They were moving so slow that it seemed as if they were all frozen. I turned around to look at Jamie and she was frozen too. It was only Henry and I who were not affected. He walked closer to me with a disturbing look on his face.

"Henry... What are you doing? Why do you look like that?" I shivered in fear as I slowly backed away.

"You ever heard of the story about a man who can move at the speed of light? Of course you didn't. You were busy time traveling. How'd that work out, eh?" he chuckled.

"I don't have speed. How am I able to have this conversation with you?" I questioned.

"After you left with the book, I was fired by the museum. Yes, I was devastated, but then someone paid me visit. He mentioned you many times and boasted about all the people he had slaughtered. This man changed my life by giving me these extraordinary powers. The power of eternal speed; and with this I can let others join in. I was also given a message and now that you're here, I can complete it," Henry spoke with dark tone. I knew he was talking about the warlock who killed my father and because I knew, I panicked. Henry placed his hand in his pocket and I felt my fingers heating up. I looked down and saw my hands engulfed in flames. Pointing them towards Henry, I said,"Slowly." He took out a small book and shook it to enlarge it. It was Volume 4 of The Ancient Book. He stretched out his arm to hand it to me but I hesitated. I was completely confused and speechless.

"How did he get that? Why would he give me something that could kill him? If anything, he should be trying to stop me, not helping me," I asked.

"He didn't say. But he did tell me that he is eager to see what you will become when you 'fulfill' your destiny. Whatever that means," Henry explained. I took the book and just then someone called for me.

"Harley!" yelled Jamie. I turned around and looked at her. I noticed everyone returned to moving again and Henry had disappeared. Now that I had the book, there was no need to go to Portugal even though I really wanted to. I explained to Jamie what had happened and she didn't seem surprised. It was then I found out that Jamie had secret powers. She was apart of a group called The Moirai along with her two other sisters. The Moirai controlled the destiny of mortals and being the strongest of the three, Jamie knew everything that happened and what is to come. I begged her to tell me what my destiny was but she refused. She said that the time is near and I would discover it on my own.

"Ugh! I am tired of people telling me about this big destiny but no one wants to tell me what it actually is!" I grumped as we exited the airport. While waiting for a taxi, I decided to scan through the book to gather as much information as possible. As I was reading the chapters that were included, I came across strange writings on the left bottom corner of the page. It read," Page 333." It was strange because the book only had 200 pages but I searched for it anyway. At the very back of the book, I saw a good amount of pages were missing but of course, Page 333 was still there. After reading it, I realized I had unlocked another part of me that I didn't know existed.
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