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A teenager needs help from her family,friends,boyfriend and dog to pull off her stuck boot
Eighteen year old Bethany Perkins had just returned home after a long but successful day of shopping,sat down and said, "I can't wait to finally get these boots off," as she then tried to remove the right one,but much to her absolute shock,it wouldn't budge no matter how hard she pulled and pulled.

The curvaceous blond haired teenager said, "Mom,I see your help,my boot is stuck."

Her mother Sarah ran in the living room and seeing the situation then said, "Don't be ridiculous darling,it's probably not stuck,I'll pull it off for you," as she then grabbed onto her daughter's boot and pulled and pulled with all her might but still it just refused to come off as she then lost her grip and tumbled backwards onto the grass.

The middle-aged woman said, "All right,it's a bit stuck,Emma,could you please come here,I need your help," as her other daughter quickly came running downstairs and into the living room.

The teenager laughed and grabbed onto her mom's hips,who pulled the boot as the two began pulling with all their strength as Bethany pulled her right leg but still the stubborn boot just simply refused to budge.

The young blond then said, "Wow,this boot really is stuck,we need more help," as she then called her best friends Lacy and Alicia and her boyfriend Colin,who all quickly arrived and burst into laughter when they heard the situation as Sarah had gotten the next door neighbour Emily to help pull.

The middle-aged woman then grabbed onto the boot and said, "We're going to pull this boot off,if it's the last thing,darling,just sit back,relax and don't move your foot," as Emily pulled Sarah's waist,Colin pulled the hem of Emily's skirt,Lacy pulled his belt,Alicia pulled Lacy's legs and Emma pulled Alicia's t-shirt.

"All right everyone,heave," Sarah as she placed her foot against the chair her daughter was sitting on as everyone pulled and pulled and pulled with all their strength.

Bethany said, "Oh my god,it definitely moved,come on everyone,really put your backs into it,pull,pull," as everyone pulled and pulled even harder as her dog Baxter began pulling at the hem of Emma's new short pink dress with white polka dots.

"Baxter,let go of my dress,you naughty dog,I literally just bought it yesterday," moaned Emma as she wiggled her rear end.

"Quit your whining and let him pull it,I'll happily replace it if it rips," said her sister,who's boot moved even more and was nearly off.

The epic tug of war continued as her mother said, "One more big pull," as the extremely stubborn boot was suddenly pulled off Bethany's foot at last, sending everyone tumbling backwards into a heap on the carpet.

"Thank goodness for that,it's finally off,I've never been so happy to see my foot," said the teenager as she ran over and hugged and kissed her boyfriend then hugged Baxter,who licked her face before hugging everyone else and thanked them for helping her out.

"It was absolutely no problem,bebe,why you take off the other one," said her boyfriend as Bethany pulled and pulled her left boot with all her strength but it just wouldn't budge.

The young blond said, "Everyone,please don't be annoyed but I think my other boot is stuck,could you please pull it off for me?"

Lacy joked, "I think you wear these boots all the time,it's certainly good exercise,all this pulling ," as everyone laughed .

"Don't worry darling,we're not annoyed,we'll soon pull it off for you but I don't think you wear these boots anymore," said Sarah as she grabbed onto the boot as everyone began laughing at the ridiculousness of the entire situation as they pulled and pulled with all their strength on the other stuck boot.

Bethany agreed with her mother and made everyone dinner to say thank you for helping her after her left boot was finally pulled from her foot.

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