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Just a little chat between friends... well, acquaintances... well... I mean, we've met...
"Excuse me, Mr. The StoryMaster?"

"Just 'StoryMaster' is fine. What can I do for you...?"


"Miranda, yes. Nice to meet you."

"Oh, we've met before actually."

"Have we? I'm sorry, I don't remember..."

"It's ok-- it's fine... I'm sure you meet a lot of people. Anyway... so, uh, so wow... yeah this is awkward..."

"...Did you have a question, or...?"

"Yes! I did. I had a question-- well, I mean, I have a question."


"Well, I see it's WDC's 20th anniversary. Congratulations! That's quite an achievement."

"Thank you. Yes, The StoryMistress and I have worked very hard."

"Of course! It definitely shows. And I, well, I noticed there's kind of this big party..."

"Our anniversary party? Yes, it's quite something, isn't it?"

"Yeah... it sure is... That's, uh... that's kind of what I wanted to ask you about."


"I, uh... well I didn't get an invitation..."


"...I didn't get an invitation... and I was wondering why. I mean, I've been a member for seventeen of those twenty years."

"Seventeen years? Really?"

"Yup, since 2003."

"That's funny, I really don't remember you."

"I know, and that's fine... really... it's fine... but, uh, but yeah it says it right there on my author info... 'Member since 2003.'"

"Wow... Yeah, I really don't remember--"

"I know! Um... heh, sorry, I mean, I understand."


"So... the invitation?"

"Well, sorry but I have to ask, how long has it been since you were an active member?"

"I'm sorry?"

"How long has it been? Since you were on the site regularly, I mean. And, you know, participating?"

"Oh, well, um... a few years."

"A few years?"


"Like 'a few' meaning like three, or--?"

"More like eleven, probably."

"Eleven years?!"

"...Yeeeaaah... I mean, I logged back in about five years ago, but I think that was for like a week, so..."

"So it's been eleven years since you were active?"


"And you're wondering why you didn't get invited to the party?"

"Um... yes?"



"Do you think it might have something to do with the fact that you haven't logged into the site in eleven years?"

"...Well, when you say it like that..."

"What have you been doing?"

"Oh, well... I got promoted at work, I made some new friends, I started my own small business making jewelry, I had a baby, and I learned how to knit. Roughly in that order."



"That's a lot."


"So do you want some cake?"


"Do you want some cake? It is a party, after all."

"Thanks! I thought you'd never ask."

[word count: 435; written for "The Dialogue 500: SEPTEMBER PROMPT/ A talk with The StoryMaster about why you weren't invited to the party.]
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