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sms language is a short cut of younger generation
SMS language

TRING Tring My phone vibrated at my hip. I juggled the armful of bags hanging from my wrist to fish it out of my pocket.

'Message from former colleague ' was the cheery display. I felt rather less than happy , it was my sixth message from him today .

“Brng 18 sms n ½ CD-- DR, N

Really, Dr Nishant .The man thought just leaving out vowels from words made sense as sms-stlye instructions on Whatsapp! I deciphered it at warp speed.

I was being instructed to buy three more samosas than he had planned and also reminded to get his favourite cold drink --the cola for friends coming to my home.

I already had the samosas hanging from one bag over my wrist and with the alertness born from years of knowing my hospitable nature , had already got twenty instead of the earlier estimate of fifteen samosas I had also brought two bottles of Cola .

It was neither miserliness nor a financial problem that made me give parties . i have mybpensions, and I have good accommodation –7 rooms and one hall.
I made a decent enough living, enough to more than take care of “simple” needs of friends, Besides, I have always been among friends since so the arrangement was harmonious.

My friend had gone on to talk of snacks of demands when other friends arrived , cheese chilly. roasted peanuts ,vegetable pakoras etc,

After sometime ,he said "Bhai sa'ab, I think you need to do shirsasan! .

'You see, shirsasan promotes blood flow to the brain, but it also gives you the opportunity to gain a new view point. You are only seeing money going out, but think ... what if you save unduly ,banks would thrive. Bless your God, your Lucky Stars ... You never needed to hold out your hand to relatives and friends for a loan, or to borrow at big rates. There , that is the true benefit upon which you need to focus'.

Yes , I am self reliant ,my heart welled into leaky eyes and I cuffed my face to ward off tears as I thought of God,s mercy as I have enough savings even after all taxes paid. My sincere concern for my fragile health gave me courage and my will power fortified, I also knew I had enough teaching and writing and journalism left in me. Today as I am a video blogger.Where is Tagore Theatre and Rock Garden ? Where is Sukhhna Lake ? Where is Panjab University ? Where is my Govt College, Chandigarh ? I want to cover all Chandigarh events.
I did the awkward swing from my computer table and cleaned the bag in which my canon D 600 is lodged and ferreted my tripod camera stand.I had put my samsung on charger .I know I am also now afflicted with sms language and my blogs may be quizzical and it is 4 u 2 ra8 it.
(It is for you to rate it )Is dis O K ...

Now a friend sent me sms....need neurobion vitamin from chemist near your house asap.

Now i went to the chemist and he said ,"I donot have any medicine asap."Later i came to know it meant "As soon as Possible "

One of known persons to whom i forgot to telephone.Later on I realized my mistake and sent him a message." I am sorry"He sent me a reply NVM .
Someone told me it meant "Never Mind"
To one of my articles ,a person sent me a text "?4u...which meant...I have question for you
Now my article has come @TEOTD. Which means ..At the end of the day.

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