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Inga's Death Wish

Inga was raised in a broken home. Her father was a drunk and a violent man, and her mother bascially gave up on her family, through fear and depression. From a young age Inga felt unloved and insecure. She sought out the company of others who seemed to belong to groups and appeared to be happy. Unfortunately, what she observed was an illusion and she soon found herself on a downward spiral of self destruction. She became addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, heroin and other drugs. She would spend most of her life abusing her body and having sex with strangers for drugs or drink. She reached a particular low point in her life when she woke up in her own vomit and found that she had been violated by someone who she wasn't even aware of. In a state of despair and depression, Inga decided to end her life.

While making plans to carry out her suicide, she came into contact with someone who shared some uplifting thoughts from the Bible. The person could tell from Inga's demeanour that she was unhappy and was not in the best of health. Inga was persuaded to look more into the Bible to learn of it's message and it's guidance. What she learned moved her deeply. She found reassurance and practical guidance for coping with life's anxieties. The Bible says that God is “Teaching you to benefit yourself” and that, “If you will only pay attention to my commandments, then all your ways will become peaceful” (Isaiah 48.17, 18). What she learned in the pages of the Bible convinced her that she she should not end her life, that life is a gift and should not be thrown away. She learned simple principles, namely “If your eye offends you, pluck it out” (Matthew 5.29) and “Bad association spoils useful habits” (1 Corinthians 15.33). From this she realized that the Bible was advising to get rid of anything that caused sorrow or pain. It further recommended not mixing with people who practice hurtful habits. But she also learned that the Bible is not simply an advice book, that simply by following it will not guarantee success but rather, that it's wisdom should be applied in cooperation with God's active force, his “spirit.” The Bible promises to provide “Power beyond what is normal” (2 Corinthians 4.7). With help from others who had learned to incorporate the Bible's principles into their lives, Inga gradually began to clean her life up. She said goodbye to those acquaintances who had used her for their own ends. She set her mind to resist all of the harmful addictions that she had developed. She began trying to live her life the way the Bible recommends - God's way. It was not easy but, in time, she changed. Today, Inga is a happily married mother. She is a volunteer worker in an education programme. She has been free of all addictions for over ten years. When people who used to know the old Inga speak to her, they cannot believe that it is the same person. She is optimistic, dedicated and calm. Her life has been literally saved by the powerful wisdom of the Bible.
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