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A bad attempt at a contest prompt.
One bright sunny September all of sudden out of nowhere there was a meteor shower and in the middle of the day. Wow-what in the world is going on? Later the little township in Alaska would find through reports on tv that one of the meteors was really a spaceship. A ship from another planet really wow? Where did this ship come from? Are the aliens in the ship friendly or not so friendly all the township people in Alaska were wondering? Finally, the National Guard was called in and they surrounded the little ship. A tall slender Captain named Joe who was afraid of nothing walked up to the ship."You have until I count to ten to make yourself known or we are coming in." He waits and nothing no response, he counted to ten and no response. Finally, he walks up to the ship and kicks the door it slowly opens. He walks in the ship and reads a note there is no one in this ship this was a decoy but we are coming and you won't know when.PS you will not get to share this message because you are never leaving this ship ever. Also when we said there's nothing on this ship well that's not altogether true are pet dragon-shark is on the ship with you so good luck. Poor Joe what would become of him and his township? Joe was not afraid and wouldn't give up hope so easily after all he had taken down large animals in the jungles of Africa. Almost wiped out whole enemy villages in a matter of weeks, so he decided no dragon-shark would take him out. Just then you heard the biggest roar one could have ever could have imagined coming from the other side of one of the walls of the ship.
A roar that made ten lions roars seem tame. Joe shook but only for a minute he grabbed his gun and point straight at the wall but nothing came out. After about an hour of waiting for and looking at the wall, he relaxed a little. He keeps his gun on the ready but he decides to go exploring. He wants to see what's on this ship, find clues about the aliens. So he walks around the room he is now in first look at all the controls and whatnot. These aliens were smart the ship had missiles on it, a heat-seeking ray, and a shrink ray. The ship also had a cloaking device on it. He moved to the far corner and saw a picture frame about 6 feet tall and what he saw in that frame gave him pause and ran his blood cold in his veins. It was the alien family who owed that ship and their pet dragon-shark. These aliens were huge and so was their pet. The head alien or what Joe thought could be the father was some kind of military man. He was dressed in so form of a uniform kind of like dress blues. With a huge hat on his had that looked like a hat, a painter would wear. These aliens had to be a good 40 feet tall as adults, the kids about 15 feet tall, and their pet was about 20 feet tall himself. The pet looked like a mix between a dragon of old and a shark, it's teeth were about 6 or 7 feet long and really sharp. There were at least 3 or 4 rows of teeth in its head. Oh, he didn't want to meet this pet of theirs that was for sure. He would have to come up with a way to trap him and also sleep with one eye open at night. What would Joe do and could he get out of this fix alive?
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