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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2231679
Exploring the idea of losing someone that you had to let go for awhile.
In the sun ashes fade to black,
And memories begin to lack,
Lay me down pass me by, don’t forget to say goodbye,
When you’re walking to your grave, remember everything you gave,
You will remember me, when the light sets you free,
I walk with shadows in the alley, and I talk to sinners in the valley,
You pass me by wherever you go, and you will never know,
Just what you have done to my soul, like soup without a bowl,
I’m a lost nobody, just looking for somebody to hold when it gets cold,
My heart was thrown into overdrive, and my health began to dive,
Yet still I loved you through it all, through the pain a sadness I stood tall,
I wake in the morning waiting for your call, but without warning no call comes and I begin to fall,
I replay the moments in my head like a movie, god I wish I could just lay with you in my bed,
You’re gone now from my life, after a great strife and all I gave,
Just know every morning I think of you, and I worry endlessly and I hope you love me too,
The pain I gave is to much and hard to handle, and and I can’t light a wet candle,
Soon the flame will return, at least I tell myself that to affirm,
But really you’ve walked away from me, and honestly it’s for the best, I just wish you could’ve stayed,
I did it for you not for me, I was just hoping you would see,
I thought you were better off without me at the end of the day, and that you didn’t need me to stay,
My head has so many words trapped inside that I can’t live to hear them speak,
My demons dance on my brain and bring me pain,
I hope you smile again, and I hope I see you again,
I’ll always love you and everything about you.
But now I sit.
With my phone in my hand
Just begging for the silence to end on the other side,
But I know it won’t secede.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2231679-The-Dimming-Light-og-Love