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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2231682
Look for treasure and you'll find treasure! Winner, Cramp!
Title from: "Butterflies and Ladders

Butterflies and Ladders

My cousins and I got a lot of pleasure
Following clues, to seek some treasure!
The oldest of us set up the caper
Hiding little bits of paper
All over the house for us to find
On top, under, in front, behind!

Once, the prize was up on high
The clue? "Climb to the sky."
"Get the ladder," the youngest said
To reach way there -- overhead
The little ladder against the wall
Going up, I felt so tall!

The wallpaper showed some butterflies
Colourful, dancing before my eyes.
Suddenly, I forgot what I was doing
"HEY! These are really moving!"
My cousins looked and began to giggle
They couldn't see a flutter or wriggle.

"Maybe you have to climb," I insisted
And finally, when I persisted
They borrowed a ladder from next door
Placed it next to mine, on the floor
My cousin climbed, and gasped 'It's true!"
"They're moving! I believe you!"

All of us had soon seen the sight
of the painted butterflies in true flight
But the surprises hadn't stopped yet
For the little pup, my cousin's pet
Spoke up and said, "Woof! You must go
Where the butterflies lead, you know."

So we went where the butterflies flew
Out in the garden to where roses grew.
And there, among the great red petals
We saw the gleam of shining metal
We leaped in gratitude and in pleasure
We had been led to a real treasure!

Among the roses, there was gold
Just enough for each to hold
And that's the end of my story
Of butterflies, ladders and of glory!

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2231682-Butterflies-and-Ladders