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Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2231721
A poem inspired by the movie by the same name
I wrote this for you.
It has your name written on top in big letters.
And the words flowing from my fingertips circle the letters,
they brag about your bottomless eyes and your lean arms.

And they don't breathe a word about you and me

I crave pure, unadulterated
institutions built from the love I've had to keep inside of me

and I don't know if your soul is all-consuming
or if it's on a diet
and can't swallow my admiration.

and I don't know when I'm supposed to restrain myself
because I'm burning up
and I don't know if you'll measure me in Fahrenheit
or velocity
or pounds

because believe me when I say
I've had boys who loved me for my hips and my mouth and my tits
but I became too much when they got to my belly
or my snake tongue that I keep in a cage, but sometimes she still slithers out.

Apparently it's possible to love too much.
They say your flame will burn out.
But what if all I am is a fire and when I stop loving,
I'm extinguished?
What if all I have is love?
What if all I am is love?

And that's why your name brands me
scars me.

I'll keep your name on the tip of my tongue
taste your touch and feel the temptation
to spill my guts.

But if I'm told I'm too much one more time,
I will become nothing.
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