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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2231726
A villain meets another villain in the My Hero Academia universe.
He hadn’t eaten in days, all the ramen shops were closed since it’s New Years Eve. But he didn’t want food, he wanted blood. His ears twitched in the breeze as he heard a sudden noise behind him. Hands in his pockets Mister Apollo walked towards the noise. He didn’t know what to expect he ran his right hand through his dense black hair slowly.

It started to sprinkle. Dark clouds circled above the city. An alley way laid in front of him it had absolutely no light. Then a sudden spark emerged. The spark turned into a flame of fire. Apollo squinted, the fire was coming from something.
“Hello? Who’s there?” He asks with a stern voice. And there it was! Right in front of him was a human figure blazing with light. Its whole body was on fire! It had to be, the Wanted fugitive, “Ignition.”
“Sorry” the criminal whispered, sweat was evaporating from his body. He then hurled a huge fire ball from both of his hands towards Apollo. No this couldn’t happen. Why would a criminal be killing another criminal? Of course he didn’t know that. But Apollo was not ready to pass this easily. He dodged. A huge attack like that was a waste of the enemies energy.

Instead of fleeing Apollo did the stupid thing. He attacked. He was still hungry, his stomach had been empty for days. He was not going to let this wannabe get away with trying to kill him. With the speed of Apollo’s quirk he was way faster then this guy. His reflexes and visions were amazing. Ignition became oblivious. He could not see Apollo anymore. Where was he? Behind him of course.

Ignition quickly turned around but before he could blast another one of his fireballs Apollo grabbed his neck, smashing him to the ground. Not planning this far ahead Apollo jumped backwards. His hand burned. He frantically slapped it against the air as he groaned. What would he do?
“Pathetic” The wanted man said to him. “Your quirk is useless against mine, did you really think you could defeat me? You’re no hero.” That made Apollo angry. He hated Hero’s and there would be no way that he would fail this attack.

Jittery as could be Apollo saw something near the street behind this guy, a fire hydrant. Perfect he just needed to get to it. Apollo was zoning out to much and had let Ignition attack with please. He grabbed Apollo’s arm and shoved it against a wall. The fire started spreading from his arm to his shoulder and then started running towards his chest. With yells of agony Apollo’s eyes turned bright red as he bit the enemies neck. It happened so quickly in and out so it didn’t effect his face. Ignition let go and fell onto the ground grabbing his neck. It was bleeding. But the blood also evaporated into the air. Apollo even though he was hurting started walking slowly towards the street. Ignition then followed spitting on the ground he muttered,

They got to the street. There was no one around, the streets were dark the only light was some dull lamps. It was still sprinkling but it stayed that way, just little droplets every so often. Apollo was in the middle of the street. The real villain was huffing and puffing with anger. Ignition had stopped on the side walk and had started making what seemed like a new attack. The fire from his body started getting bigger.
“There’s no running this time” he said smiling.
“FULL COWEL FIRE BURST!” The villain yelled. The flames from his body started spreading into all directions. But just like before, with the strength Apollo had left he sped to the fire hydrant just feet away from the enemy. Turning a wheel the water from inside flew all over the villain! His fire was leaving him! He yelled with a anger.
“WHAT THE-“ he began as he got hit. Smoke was lifting into the air as wails of sirens emerged from up the street. A resident must have called the police. The enemy had fallen to the ground as the firefighters got control over the hydrant. They were able to capture the villain and stop him from using his quirk. The fight was over. Apollo had won.

Ignition had been spewing out curse words the whole time as they put him into one of the police cars. They drove him away. Never to be seen in public again. As an ambulance tried to heal Apollo he talked to an FBI agent and he had told him what had happened. Apollo got onto the news and that was that. He was able to take down a villain. He was happy but he would much rather have kill a hero instead. Apollo started walking down the street again. Like he did before and would keep doing. He didn’t know where he would go. But for one thing, he knew he was still hungry.

Some backstory & ideas
-parents were villains and were killed by hero’s
-he will do anything to kill the ones who call themselves “hero’s.”
-he’s a cannibal
-first taste was the first hero he’d eaten. The heart is the best it’s filed with joy.
-he can suck the joy out of people (dementor) and has fast reflexes and vision.
-he sharpened his teeth
Hair color : Blonde
Height : 5’8
Weight : skinny, he rarely eats so when he does he goes crazy

Eyes are always droopy
Like Shigaraki

Much different compared to Jacob, Jake actually feels things mentally.
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