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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2231727
A girl hears tales of someone living on the moon so she wants to see it come true.
Once there lived a young girl. She grew up on a farm, feeding the goats and cows. She would also help make bread for her Mother to sell at the market.

Every night, after dinner, she would run to the cliff just a couple of minutes down the hill. Under was the huge ocean, that seemed to go on forever. At night the big moon could be seen. She would wonder, and wonder. There were stories, about the man on the moon. She hoped one day she would meet him, that was her dream.

Days passed, even a few months, and still no sign. The girl was re-thinking her idea. She could never see anyone. Maybe it was all just a joke. The small girl stood up and began to walk home, gloomily.

All of a sudden, she stopped. The wind picked up, and a howl through the trees made the young girl turn around. There was nothing on the moon, but a shimmering reflection upon the ocean surface. A young boy's face smiled at her. He was about the same age as the girl. He waved and then disappeared.

Since then, the girl would race down to the cliff and see the boy. He could not talk, but just to see him was so extraordinary. Her dream had finally come true.

This girl hoped to see the man on the moon, but she never looked away, for other possibilities. There is never only one way.
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