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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2231743
Snasty meets the brothers.

Snasty, one of the Devil’s minions, was tossing and turning on his bed of coals. He tried plumping his pillow, but how does one plump a particularly hard rock? Finally, he flopped onto his back and began moaning.

“I can’t sleep!”

He heard evil giggling after he said that. He looked around for the source. It seemed to be surrounding him.

Snasty sat up in bed and shouted as loud as he could. In fact, he shouted so loudly he turned from his usual vermillion to stark white.

“Show yourself!”

Gradually, from out of the swirling sulfuric mists and brimstone haze, appeared a line of faces.

“So, you can’t sleep, is that right?” said one face with a toothless grin.

“Something on your mind?” asked another with a slimy smile.

“We can’t help you with that, of course,” continued a third.

“Mostly because we don’t want to!” chimed in a fourth.

“Get out of my room you…you…you…” Snasty snarled.

“Insomnia Brothers at your service!” the floating faces said with a slight nod of greeting.

“What are you doing here?” grumped Snasty.

“Showing his Blackness what we can do,” they answered.

“Why are you doing it to me?” the minion asked.

“You’re a kind of a test subject. If we can keep you awake, the minion which his Darkness says is the laziest of them all, then we’re hired!”

“To do what?” Snasty jumped out of bed and stalked toward them.

“We’ll get to go to earth and torment the unworthy human race so Satan can prove to God, his Father that he was right. Then he gets back into heaven.”

“That’s my job,” roared Snasty.

“Since it’s working, it’s now ours!”

There was nothing poor Snasty could do, so the Brothers Insomnia ended up on Earth to torment us!

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