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by Rubix
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Ever feel different?
I live in a cloud of ideas that swirl around in my head in whirlwind of misty wisps. The fog forms a sort of wall that surrounds me, inhibiting my ability to see the rest of the world clearly. My vision is blurry and colors are dull. It can be hard to appreciate a hazy world that others see so clearly. Yet, in a strange way, it gives me a kind of clarity. While my sight may be limited in the physical world, my thoughts are able to run free. My mind dances in the plains of heaven. I explore the fields of philosophy, I climb the mountains of math, and I dive into the seas of science. I fly over quarries that continuously dig ever deeper in search of things of precious value. The sun envelopes me in a blanket of warmth. When I look up, I see the stars that stitched into the fabric of reality itself and then help guide me on my adventures and journeys. I feel liberated. Instead of blocks and footballs, my favorite toys are logic and reason. I use them to build a library of knowledge and wisdom.

Some people think I'm weird for being way, and I do admit, I am a bit weird. However, this is who I am. This is my nature. It is my nature to question, and it is the nature of a question to find an answer. Then, when I do find answers, my questions are fulfilled and I feel happy.

Then there are other people who think I'm talented and gifted. I think they are blowing it out of proportion. All I'm doing is what I love to do: to escape to a world where I feel at peace and free from the grayness of the physical world. I feel almost at home.

It is often hard to translate what I feel into words in a way others can understand, yet I feel as if I did a pretty good job here. To those out there that feel the same way, know that you are not alone and there are other people that feel this way too. Know that there is no correct way to escape from this world. It could be sitting and contemplating or it could be reading and writing. What's important is that you embrace it because it is a part of who you are and you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself because of it. Find the courage to be who you really are and let your light spill out into the world.
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