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A contest entry
Carol Matthau once said, "We start dying the minute we are born, but it accelerates during dinner parties." I suppose she speaks true as I am here to accelerate someone into death. Chax Colton, to be exact. Someone put up a hefty bounty to see him in an early grave.

People like Chax hide behind what I call the green curtain. Their money staves off curious onlookers from what they do in its veiled safety. Chax wears his green curtain like a priests habit and worships in the house of greed and perversion. The church was in service when he raped and murdered my boss's favorite niece.

Raquel Seymore was a good kid. Her mom spent thirteen years keeping her away from the family. My boss's face would light up when he talked about her. "She has a chance to see seventy, without having to look over her shoulder, Clint. Serena did the right thing by leaving." he would say.

Her death awoke the devil in him

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