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There are certainly similarities between my Unmanifestism & India's Hinduism, yet simpler.
Unmanifestism is a simplified version of Hinduism as Dudeism is a simplified version of Taoism. But this article will focus on how Unmanifestism has simplified Hinduism to it’s basic concepts. For starters, let us define Unmanifestism.

Unmanifestism (noun):
The belief and philosophy of living life without trying to define, impose meaning on, or explain what reality is or how it works, which doing so will lead to a satisfying life as if living like the unmanifest (the absolute, ultimate reality, God, etc) and thus achieve everlasting enlightenment.

Example Sentence
I believe in Unmanifestism, because it helps my soul feel satisfied since I don't worry about defining or imposing meaning on reality.

You may be wondering how Hinduism is similar to Unmanifestism. Hinduism and Unmanifestism both believe in the unmanifest; a formless, unchanging, absolute being that is considered different things by different people such as: Ultimate reality, Universal mind, the Absolute and/or God. They both believe in enlightenment and try to strive for it. They both try to see reality the way it actually is. But here is where the similarities end, and the simplified version I call Unmanifestism begins.

Hinduism has a lot of myths, legends and superstitions. Hinduism also has a lot of cultural customs and norms that Unmanifestism did away with. Unmanifestism focuses on being open and satisfied with reality as it is without imposing meaning on it and without defining it. Unmanifestism is similar to Dudeism as well, but we will talk about that further down.

Also, Hinduism and Unmanifestism often believe in the afterlife. Hindus believe in reincarnation and try to attain Moksha (or liberation from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth). Unmanifestism believes that when you die and go to the afterlife, you will only have in your possession the things and people/beings that most satisfied you at one time or another while you were alive. If rebirth does happen, it’s only for gaining more satisfaction, but I want this to be my last lifetime and have everything that I have ever been satisfied with, which really would be more than enough for me.

Hinduism Simplified
Dudeism is a simplified version of Taoism; Dudeists believe in going with the flow and "taking it easy". Unmanifestism is a simplified version of Hinduism; Unmanifestists believe in being satisfied with reality as it is, which will ultimately lead to being satisfied with what you got.

I hope Unmanifestism will help you as it has me! I may have founded Unmanifestism, but even I have a lot to learn before I attain everlasting enlightenment.

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