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It is going to take quite a long time for this great nation to recover...
It has been exactly six months since this pandemic has been declared; since then, most of us have managed to get along without any kind of special event, or any yearly event for that matter. Instead, we walk around in kind of a daze, wondering if any of our normal lives would ever be the same again. And of course, none of this would have happened had it not been for the negligence of our current President, who has been warned of this coming virus that would cause this pandemic, but instead just lets it go, creating this incredible chaos that we are still in as of right now.
I just cannot believe that this country's very own President would ever do such a thing like this, and we would never dream that we would be in such a nightmare as this one in which we are living right now. Ever since Donald J. Trump has sworn into the Presidency four years ago, that first thought that would come into my mind would be a fear that he would do something so stupidly wrong that would plunge our country into the greatest chaos that we would have not ever faced before, and would hopefully never have to face ever again. I have bee having this kind of nightmare then, and that nightmare that I have feared for years has come true now.
My mind and my soul have been lost in an emotional fog since the pandemic began; All I could ever think about at the time, as well as now, I would say, was that to just completely expect the worst, because I think that no one would ever expect any good to come out of this pandemic, unless both political parties finally agree with each other and come to a deal that would help Americans who are in dire financial straits right now. Otherwise, I have this fearful feeling that the worst is yet to come because I do not think there would be any good news to come out of this pandemic. But do you want to know something else? I think this kind of fear of expecting the worst might be a good thing for me, because it might be something to get off my chest, and then after one has finished with those fearful thoughts, then maybe it would be time to hope for the best.

I had been enjoying my career as both an author as well as a writer while keeping a food service cleaning job, long before the pandemic got started; And then, I was furloughed from my job back in March, with an original date for me to return on July 31st, and then that date changed to August 31st, and then finally, my furlough was extended until at least October 31st. During this time, I have kept waiting and waiting for a chance to finally go back to work, as well as having to wait for the public library to open soon-It has been closed since March. I first got the news that the library would finally be open in September, only having to be blindsided by the fact that its opening has been delayed for heaven only knows how long...
And as of this writing, I am still awaiting news of when I would be FINALLY be back at work again; I miss seeing my co-workers each and every day, and I miss having to clean the tables and chairs, among all of the many wonderful things...
Folks, we are in a long tunnel ahead of us, and it is going to be a long one; It is going to be a long time before we would ever see that light at the end of that long, dark tunnel. The end of the road is nowhere in sight yet, but we hope and pray that we are getting there...
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