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Lucia Maria narrates her puppies unexpected birthday party.
In Memory of Oliver

My name is Lucia Maria. I am almost fourteen years old. On August 31st 2003, I had three puppies before midnight and after midnight, September 1st 2003, I had five more. That was seven years ago. I tried to find them all homes at seven weeks old, but somehow my Mom found us wondering around and took us back home. She said we looked like ducklings, all in a row, walking up the hill. We got stuck with the last three puppies of my litter. Boy, my Mom wasn't thinking clearly back then
We lost Oliver at age four. He loved it when we went to the McDonald's for an ice cream cone on their birthday. He was always the biggest (100 pounds) and the first to be hanging out the window to get his ice cream. One time he got a bad headache when my mom gave him ice cream from a spoon. He didn’t talk to her for the rest of the night.
We were in the car on our way to McDonald's for ice cream. Suddenly, we saw it but we kept going passed it. My mom changes her mind a lot. Sometimes I just sit and wait to see what happens. Jayde and Little Cochise started whining, running back and forth jumping up and down on top of each other. They got yelled at and told to wait a minute and be patient. Of course they don’t always listen, do they?

We got to the door and the two cousins were jumping up and down on the other side. Samson and Sia are brother and sister. They are five months old. Boy I really hope they don’t start bug-a-booing me and smelling my behind and all. As we entered the house all five of us ran into the back yard and started playing together. Samson and Sia kept trying to knock me down. I’m getting a bit wobbly in my old age and I get knocked down a lot. My mom gets mad and puts Jayde and Cochise in time out. Well that doesn’t always work.

My mom and Aunt Jen left. Uncle Ian stayed with us. He is a lot of fun. He plays with us and rolls around on the ground with us. Then he gives everybody kisses, one at a time. He never lets anyone get away with not getting and giving him kisses. We love playing with him. We soon got tired and lay in the grass until we fell asleep. Mom and Aunt Jen came outside and said, “Are you guys hungry?” We all got up and ran towards the house, falling all over each other trying to get up the stairs. Of course being the slowest I went up last. We were told to sit while they fixed our dinner. Samson and Sia kept getting up, they are puppies, you, know, and don’t always listen. Then they fed us all at the same time.

We all played with toys in the living room until Mom said "its time for ice cream it’s your birthday." They sang Happy Birthday to Jayde and Cochise and they were showing their teeth, smiling. We each got a bowl with our own ice cream in a cone cup. My mom cried; "Oliver it’s your birthday too and we all miss you, every day". Thanks Mom, we love you, as I gave her a kiss.

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