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by Ampho
Rated: E · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2231806
Tina begins her preparations for the unknown..
The doors to the conference room finally opened.
Tina took a deep sigh, standing up from the waiting room's chair, looking towards the dull text over the doorway: "Conference room A5". Inside, several well dressed lifeforms awaited her arrival.
The room itself was well lit from the rising sun, a huge table awaited the arriving guests and diplomatic contacts. Some of the chairs have been readjusted to fit all the different height needs of the specific species sitting in it, though none of the chairs were readjusted this time, seemingly because of haste or simple negligence.

Different organisms murmured before her arrival, the audience settled as she took seat in front of the 12 of them.
From several tentacle-wielding, orange-glowing, insectoids to humanoids, all variety of representatives have been eagerly awaiting her arrival.
"Good morning, candidate! Please, have a seat." greeted the human, motioning towards the only free chair across the room.
With a deep bow, she obeyed and sat down, turning the seat sideways and back towards the table again.

Tina herself was a 155cm tall, rajiform humanoid being. Her tail stretched long behind her, giving her people an incredible ability to swim fast and steady. Through technology and gene manipulation, her rajiform morphed into a being walking on two legs, and able to breathe in and out of water. Despite these advantages, all of the Ventulli have to wear glasses or have their AquaAdaptors on, since the diffraction in the air is different than seawater. This one flaw is a necessary component of their genome sequence, since it helps develop any eyes in the first place. Along with a thick pair of glasses that made her pupils seem enormous, she twitched her long, floppy ears every now and then.

Except for the Diplomats and scholars such as Tina wear a swimwear-ish suit on, which helps them regulate temperature. Over that layer was, hanging over her shoulders, a heavy cloak-like material that only went down as far as her elbow. Her legs were partially covered in the more robust, almost light armor looking covers with stripes on them. The same single line stripes appeared on the collar of the cloak, showing off her skill on this field. Lastly, between the cloak and the suit hangs her nation's banner: the outlines of a common skate, with extraordinarily long tail, facing downwards towards the ground, the tail running under the cloak where it connects to the body of the wearer. Her slender body and long, light blue hair almost hid the same banner that continued over along her back. Of course, these flags were only knee long so that the wearer wouldn't tumble over their own national pride. The swimsuit wouldn't fit well on less slim bodies either, at least not in a visually pleasing way...

"Thank you." replied Tina, crossing her legs under the table. She was anxious to hear if she were picked for this special mission or not...there were thousands of other applicants too, but only one would eventually be chosen.
"As to the rest of your friends, we appreciate your application." the human said. His head shifts down onto the papers in front of him. With a slight smile, he looked back up. "You've come a long way, Tina Mellani. We've been watching your career with great anticipation. Following your career, we've seen the path your parents laid before. You. Helping from children to high ranking officers, we knew you were a worthy candidate for such a serious mission. No one has tried doing something like this before, and we have to make sure you are the best of the best we can have."

After his monologue, the man looked at the insectoid. It continued the speech, "Many of your ssso called friends tried the same trialsss we've set upon them. A sssingle one of them came out as successsful as yourself, Tina. Since you enjoy the privilege of being a female organisssm, you can choose their fate. Would you rather have them at your ssside, or leave them behind? The path may be periloussss..."
The creature nodded towards her, as a bright picture of another Ventulli being appeared on the table.
Tina crossed her arms, shaking her head.
"Masters of Practice...I'm afraid my allegiance is forged along with this male's fate. If I don't get to go, he won't either. I've promised him."
The council took a quick eye to eye between their members without words spoken.

"So be it." said another figure between them. This one had 6 arms and a brownish tint to their uniform. "By the power that has been granted me, I, Gentor Dolu, the chosen leader of this council, I therefor grant you the title of the Chosen."
With these words, her eyes went wide, but remembering her duty, she bowed her head.
"May humanity's civilization rest upon your shoulders, shining your hope upon those in need. May your forgiveness grant..." and so went on the ritual speech, as Tina Mellani became a protector of her timeline.


Ten days were given for her to prepare for the arrival, back to the past. With so much time and so few to do, she returned home straight away after the meeting.
Her home could mostly be described as an automated, self maintaining swimming pool. The main area of the house was the pool itself, no salt added. Brightly lit, well maintained, it was crystal clear water. Around it was a locker room, full of her always clean swimsuits that her bots would clean every now and then. There was also a kitchen, with self-preparing tables and a single couch.

She pulled off her clothes, leaving the swimsuit on only as she took a quick dive into the cool water. With her face and ears above, her face pointed outwards of the surface of it. The expression on the female turned from awe to contemplation.
"I've been chosen! I can change to fate of planet Earth! As the Masters said, I have to rid that planet of their past hatred and destruction...but it will not be easy. I don't even know how they lived back then! My debrief is not until a few days later. How can I even plan such a move? It's like challenging the Emperor himself...how does one talk sense into these people from the past..."

Her eyes slowly shut closed, wandering from thought to thought, one scenario to the next. The slender body of hers floated idly at the surface of the pool. So deeply in thought, her mind wandered to her own past. Ventulli never really know their parents unless it's very personal. The eggs of such children are brought to a communal care system, where they learn that every living organism around them counts as a parent. In this way, most of the race can be understanding, courteous and humble. There are always some exceptions though...

But for now, Tina tried to plot her way over the event. She was so deep in thought however, that someone ringing her doorbell would go unheard for several minutes. When she did finally hear it, she jumped out in an instant, opening the door with a towel on her long hair.
"Yes?" she asked, opening the door with the same swimsuit on.
"T-tina!" yelled another Vellari being, hugging her tight to their chest. Without hesitation, a bulkier built being wrapper her arms around Tina. With a slight smile, her arms held her around the back as well.
"Olivia! I never thought you would be around! How's life treating you?" Tina asked after a good minute's hugging.

Olivia was almost a same looking Ventulli as Tina. She also had a pair of glasses on, with a fairly taller build. Her hair was light red, and her face unique at least. Her build was the same as Tina's, but her tail had two fins that Tina did not have.
"Absolutely great! I heard you were accepted! We need to celebrate, since I was accepted on my own planet as well!"
"Your own...planet?" Tina raised her brow.
"Yes! My home, Mercury, has elected me as the most appealing candidate. I see you hogged Mars for yourself. I don't really know who else will be joining us, but know this. You're never alone in this, especially when I'm around. We can work together and work for a better present." Olivia's expression was full of determination, smiling wide as she stared towards the sky.

The latter few hours of the night were filled with storytelling of the two Ventulli. It was full of adventure, challenges and other hardships. Olivia were one of the few beings that Tina would even entrust her life with. She was quite the same attitude as her, but maybe a bit more tomboyish and daring. She's yet to learn from her self-consciousness.
"And then, after that long wait, they finally said it, that I am a real potential!" Olivia said, holding a blue fluorescent liquid in her hands. Both of them were enjoying some small talk, eventually starting to feel drowsy from all the excitement. Tina yawned, looking around the quiet space that she called home.
"Hmmmh. Maybe it's better we both had some rest. We still have quite a few days to get to know our other teammates, if you will."
"Of course! I will bother you no further." said her friend, standing up as Tina did the same. They both gave a quick half-kneeling and nodding motion towards each other, and one final hug. "I will contact you on my holopad. Have a good night!"
"You too, sleep well my friend." Olivia said, bowing slightly before returning to her speeder bike.

With the last few minutes of contemplation, Tina wondered how the past looked like. Is it full of archeologically significant things? Is it going to feel like stone age? How do humans as they call themselves, looked like before they began the gene pool manipulation?
Thoughts like such wandered in Tina's head, as she was drifting around the cool water filled pool. Eventually, she closed here eyes, letting the waves rock her to sleep.
"Soon...I will likely get all the answers. I know I will."
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