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A dog and her owner go to the beach for the day to go surfing.
“Rise and shine time to greet the day,” said Paul Mitchell yawning. Coco the bulldog stretched her legs. She got up and nudged at Paul’s closet door. “What is it girl?" Paul inquired, sauntering over to the closet to investigate. Coco pointed her nose towards something in the corner and barked loudly. “That’s my surf board," Paul exclaimed. Coco barked with excitement. “I have a great idea why don’t we go to Dollwood beach.”
On the way to the beach, Coco stuck her head out the window of Paul’s car. Coco loved listening to the radio. When they arrived at the beach there were a lot of people. Coco loved the feeling of the sand on her feet. Paul could feel his stomach growling like a bear. “I’m going to be right back, I’m going to go get a hotdog,” Paul told his dog. Suddenly a bystander threw a frisbee. Coco tried to catch the frisbee but she stepped on the surfboard. A light wave hit and sent Coco out into the water. Suddenly the bystander said, “Look at that dog! That’s a sight to see! It’ll be in all the papers!” Paul came back with his hotdog and was dumbstruck. He dropped his hotdog as he watched his dog surf the waves. Coco would be tired by the end of the day.
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