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by Amber
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Dark · #2231823
You don't see a way out, life seems like a drag, you get hurt. No hope left.
Didn't know how alone a person could feel
Until that person was me
My heart says i'm loved
My head says the heart lies
Where should i turn, too many options
I now know where i am headed
Why should i way
i may not like this path, but once i'm here there is no going back
It's already decided it seems
There is no hope left for me
Didn't know how small a person could feel
Until that person was me
Turned to the darkness, that lay ahead of me
There is no tuning back
I don't need anyone, for i messed up quite a lot
So let me go, there is no future for me
I'm drowning in pain and misery
Take me out of this prison, free me
Free my soul, for it lives no more
Every road is filled with thorns
I keep walking, till my feet refuse to bleed
Dragging myself across the thorns. no light seeks me
I lye bleeding on the thorny roads
begging you to free me.
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