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Teenaged Marvelous Melnish gets a date with his dream girl
What's The Magic Word?

When Marvelous Melnish, the disappearing, time traveling magician, was young and a senior in high school, he fell in love for the first time. Her name was Carol Noble. Of course, he worshipped her from afar for the year.

Just before graduation, the school held a show to raise money to fund the end-of-the year activities. Melnish developed a magic { b} act. He had big plans for Carol during it.

“I’m petrified!” he told his friends.

But this would be his last chance to tell her what she meant to him, so he pushed down his fears and got ready.

The night of the show, he was sweatily anxious. He paced backstage. Peeking through the side curtains, he quickly spotted Carol. Smiling, he remembered dropping tickets for her whole family through her mail slot the day before.

“Im glad she came!”

Then the MC announced him. He did a couple of easy tricks that were somewhat spectacular, then he stepped to the front of the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, for my next trick I need a volunteer,” he announced to the audience.

Pointing at Carol, he said: “How about you, Miss?”

Reluctantly, but with some encouragement from her family, she came on stage.

“Just relax in this chair,” Melnish said.

When she was seated, he blindfolded her. Making elliptical passes with his wand, he made the chair rise. Slowly it rose higher and higher.

“Let me know when you want to { b} stop miss, by shouting the magic word ,” he said at last.

“Help!” she said.

“Try again!”

“Down!” Carol yelled.

“Let me help you, the word I’m looking for is Please, as in please come to the prom with me,” Melnish said.

Once the chair was back on solid ground, Melnish was astonished when she said yes.

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