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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Animal · #2231849
His first offense more cruel than the latter, but in the end, neither did matter.

Back in the year 1710,
During the realm of Madeleine,
There lived a man named Percy Balm.
Nobody liked him, not even his mom.

Balm was arrested one day in May
For treating animals in a cruel way.
Wearily he stood before the queen:
Stern she was, and equally mean.

Balm’s cry for mercy did little good, 

As if he thought it actually would. 

He begged, he pleaded, he shed lots of tears,

But all his beseeching fell on deaf ears

On bended knees, Balm sobbingly cried.

He feared the queen was not on his side.

Balm begged the queen not to do him in, 

But Madeleine’s patience was wearing thin.

“Stop that sniveling,” said the queen to Balm,
“Or you’ll be holding your head in your palm.”

As quick as a bunny on a date
Balm stopped crying and stood up straight.

Speaking sternly, Madeleine decreed,
“Your fiendish act was most cruel, indeed.
For pulling the wings off of butterflies,

You’ll suffer hot needles stuck in your eyes.

You are lucky we are merciful and kind;
Now, leave our site before we change our mind.”

Balm thanked the queen, but under his breath
Wished Her Majesty a quick painful death.
“We heard what you muttered.” said the queen.
“Too bad for you our hearing’s so keen.
Your words are more cruel than what you did.
So loudly we shout, OFF WITH HIS HEAD."

Line Count: 32

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