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A poem my wonderful wife Lorilyn made for me! I wanna share with the whole world :D
I love my Donnie tho he's not here
when he gets home I'll hold him near

I love him so much--he wouldnt believe
I'd write my desire on my pants or my sleeve

I'd tell the whole world how it feels just to kiss
the man of my dreams..this man that I miss

His lips can be soft, or firm and intent
I can tell by his kiss what his words really meant

if he missed my company or was it my words?
Did he miss feeling like the world is absurd?

That we're the ONLY alive that know true love
that WE are the last left here by God Above

WE are the ones that will mean life or death
to the rest of the race, they'll soon draw their last breath

As for us, I don't think we'd mind
if the humans went to Mars and left us behind

As long as he has me, and I have him by my side
nothing matters more than a smile we can't hide

Cause we know that FOREVER is waiting for us
and we only wish for quiet--wish the'd stop all their fuss

Leave us together, we'd be happy and fine
we'd rest arm in arm knowing this is OUR TIME

I love my Donnie

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