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by Suzy
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i decided to share this story about me and someone i LOVED.
Still remember the day he said hi when I asked him for the way,
I watched him from the distance ., He picked up the phone, he was laughing and I thought It’s his wife on the other side I tottally thought he’s married, he seemed like this, thought that there are children waiting for him at home...but I was wrong. Later I heard he is free as bird, I could not believe! I was surprised. He was older than me, but so perfect.
I’ve seen that smile, I heard that voice, I’ve seen that gorgeous brown eyes, perfect face, he was skinny and his hair..OMG in the moment I was hypnotized, I’ve never seen a man like him before. He was so charming, funny and cool. Looked like a movie star.
Since that day he was on my mind, since today.
And I wondered what is his name, cause he drived me insane.
I told to my brother how much I like him
And then I saw them talking...he told him his name.
Benjamin-Benny *Heart* And I was like OMG what a lovely name for a gorgeous man.
He told him about me,
And he said ...that is your
sister ? Surprised... And he looked at me, I did not know what they are talking about.
After this I almost killed my brother because he told him... I mean OMG he totally knew I like him.

Later than my brother and I were following him, everyday haha... just that I could see him, I was so happy back than and so crazy about this man. I will never forget this. It was something in the way he moves, the way he smiles, the way his voice sounds. He seemed so misterious and untoachable. He was man of my dreams. Before I knew his name I called him Alejandro haha...He'll never know how crazy I was about him :)
When he looked at me I felt something I think I never will again. Something so beautiful...It was just him and I in the crowded place. It was car lights factory, the place we worked. I was just ordinary worker but he was something higher, he was smart and so attractive to me. I come from the poor family and him from the rich one, It was just like some kinda story from Mexican novels :) For me he was the light that shined the brightest.
It was really hard work but everyday I came there I felt happy because I knew I will see him again,
And when I did , my eyes were following him whenever he went.
And I felt that beautiful melody for about 3 years. He was stranger to me , but I felt I already know him. Felt he could be my soulmate. I was so nervous around him, I couldnt speak when he was near, I was trembling and my heart went wild. I remember how I was listening a song mad about you by Koni everynight and fantasizing bout him haha...I was on the cloud 9. Everytime our eyes met we were staring at each other & I felt this connection between us, it was almost unreal. It was obvious we both liked each other...but he was shy , I was shy and we did nothing...we did not know what to do, what to say...maybe he thought im too young for him, who knows what was going on in his mind...Once he started a conversation and I just froze, didnt even answer his question haha...I hated myself. He was the only reason I worked there. I felt worthless, not enough pretty, too dumb, too poor, never good enough for him :/
One day about 2 years later I finally had courage and I asked him to go out with me for some coffee. He said we would make a deal...I was so happy and excited... I could not believe I finally did it...but we never did go...:( I found out that his father had just died and I wanted to give him some time...But later the conditions at work did not allow to meet us again. I didn’t see him for a long time, we didn’t had a chance :( And now after all this years I wonder what it would be If we would go on that coffee date...The hardest thing in life is to wonder what if! Almost everyday he crosses my mind and I dont know why, I think I just can't forget him, and I think I never will. It was the love I can’t expain, It was something so real...Love that never could be, love that never will be...Something so deep that nobody could ever steal away from me, something that was just ours, something I dont want to forget simply just because It was magical, something that inspired me everyday I crossed the door of this factory. When I quit this job all this memories went with me, Beutiful and pitterful,
but most of all magical. Thank you Benny for the story I will never forget, everyday It felt like a movie just because of you, but you will never know...you can’t even imagine, probably you don’t even remember me anymore. But I still wonder do you ever think of me ? Do you ever dream about me? Cause I still do...but most of all I wonder where are you now ? What is going on in your life ? Are you still single ? If I had a chance I will totally marry you Ben.
Maybe it wasn’t meant to be like this, maybe this story didn’t end at all...maybe someday we will meet again and wen’t to this coffee and laugh about it, life works in misterious ways and we never know what tomorrow may bring. But If we will never have a chance , It was still the story I will never forget, the most beautiful story I have ever experienced. Not every story has a happy end but every story has something magical in it, something that is worth living for, something that make us smile , It’s called the journey of life. And every story, every moment makes us who we are, it makes our personality and the view of life we have. We only learn out from our experiences ,and from this story I learned that LOVE on the first sight is real , that LOVE is crazy & beautiful, unpredictable & sometimes it hurts as hell. Just live in the moment and be yourself cause you never know who will fall in love with you! Life can be a beautiful adventure but only if you know how to live it! Hope you guys like story bout me and Benny :) Lookin forward to get some reviews & comments
Greetings by Suzy from Slovenia
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