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A choice that will haunt her till the end of days

“This was all my fault.” Hana murmured, tears flowed freely now that she thought she was finally alone. “If only I had a little more time, then I could’ve done something.” Her honey colored hues were glued to the hazy void below, her long cherry pink hair swayed in the breeze. She couldn’t believe her last plan failed so miserably it felt like everything was against her goal to succeed. “Isn’t that what you said last time, and the time before that. Come on man, it can’t be healthy to stick to something this devastating for so long. Choose literally anywhere, you can’t go wrong with leaving.” Rin, another resident of the strange land, had butted into Hana’s self pity. Hana glared momentarily at Rin, barely noticing her hair, which she had cut short and dyed purple. “How could you say that, there has to be someway, some variable must be missing.” Hana concluded ignoring and denying Rin’s advice altogether, before Hana could leave to find the miracle she’d never find, Rin blocked the only exit. “Please stop, even I’m beginning to be concerned, do you know how many times you’ve done this? I know you want to succeed but you’ve seen the end result over and over. You should cut your losses and-” “That’s it!” Hana shouted, grabbing Rin’s shoulders, Hana’s past mood vanished instantly, replaced with joy. “You’re what I’m missing, you’re the missing piece, come on we are going back.” Rin allowed Hana to drag her only a few steps before dragging to a stop. “No, you know what happens, I’m not going down there.” Rin’s red eyes glared in disapproval only momentarily locking with Hana’s eyes. “But we’d be together, we could help each other out, you get that thing you wanted and I’d...” “No, I’m not getting wrapped up in this, I can’t always be your crutch.” Rin struggled to argue as guilt began overpowering her, seeing her words only upset Hana further. “If your not there, then I can’t fix the problem, if I can’t fix the problem, then I truly have failed in my duties, I’m a failure...” Rin winced, taking a step back trying to defend her own actions. “You’re not a failure, you just need something new, literally anything else.” Rin trailed off and only the sound of the winds from the red sky above filled the silence. “I just...” Hana muttered, the words barely reaching Rin. “Need another chance!” With her decision clear she ran off, leaving Rin a choice to leave or let her fail once again. Shaking her head Rin watched Hana leave to the human world below, Rin scoffed muttering how she was stupid for following a half baked plan and begrudgingly followed Hana.
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