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This is the story how I discovered my olfactophilia and my eproctophilia.
In the behavior culture of my family, flatulence had always been a taboo. It literally never happened and it was seen as a very disgusting thing. I was socialized in a kind of philosophy that farting was impolite and basically, I was brought up that nobody was really going to rip one neither in public nor around family members, what I actually believed. I also felt that I was happy not to pass gas and even more I was happy not to experience anyone else flatulating. But seventeen years ago, there was a summer which changed my life forever. In retrospective I would say it was the discovery and realization of my fart fetish. Even several years after that life-changing experience I hadn't noticed yet it was a preference that anyone else could have as well and that it was called "Fart Fetish". But it turned my feelings, especially my sexuality upside down. So, let me describe to you what happened that time with the aim that maybe some of you could understand and comprehend what made me feel the way since then:

The summer of 2003 was the warmest I could ever remember. As usual in Germany, I had summer vacation for six weeks. In August me and my parents were invited to my uncle's birthday party plus overnight stay at his family's house. It was such a big house that even three families could have lived there. Although living in Central Europe we had such tropical temperatures outside and inside the house. My parents and I arrived around 2:30 p.m. Almost half of my family members I knew at that time were invited and most of them were present. We were warmly welcomed by my aunt, my uncle and my cousin Julia. As long as I remembered, Julia and I had played together since we both had visited each other. My dad's family and my uncle's family lived far away from each other and therefore, we were usually not able to meet more than once a year. Perhaps that was the reason that even Julia had obviously missed me as much as I was looking forward to getting to know the way she had changed since the year before. Personally, I was also happy to see her again, although I had almost forgotten the way she had always affected me. She had a relatively slim but feminine and delicate body figure, long light blonde hair with blue eyes, full lips and long legs. She was very tall for her age with around 5.1 feet. On that day, her hair was made into a braid. She was wearing a white short dress with some blue flowers and green leaves on it, perfect for such family occasions in summer. Although her braid looked to be affectionately stuck together, a few highlights of her hair had leaked out of her braid and were moistened. The weather was so hot that it was even cooler inside while windows were shut – a typical dog day. Around 3 p.m. we had our coffee and cake, which took nearly an hour. Later my uncle and my dad started a long conversation. And so, my mom and some other relatives, my grandparents, all were involved and had a good time. Even my younger relatives were playing outside in the garden. My cousin Julia asked me with her smoothly over-aspirated voice, "Would you like to come to my room and play with me?" Therefore, Julia and I went upstairs to her room.

Apparently, Julia had an urgent wish to show me everything she had learned to know since we met last time. She told me about her camping tour two months ago, the last birthday party of her best friend from school and lots of other things. We ended up sitting on the floor – she in her typical cross-legged position – playing some board games. Usually, I didn't prefer playing such things but she really liked it and told me about exciting new levels which would be fascinating for me as well. I don't remember exactly how long we had been playing yet, however, it was in the middle of a game round when we both had been quiet for a while, since I needed to make a decision what to choose next to reach the subsequent step to a higher level. But suddenly and without a warning, I noticed Julia let out a popping jackhammer-like fart – in a way like p - p - p - p - ..., which must have lasted for roughly five seconds. Abruptly, I got frightened at the first moment, considering it was something else. The vibrating of the wooden floor in her room made me even feel her flapping. I would never have thought it was coming from her so I looked at her face and she seemed to be frightened and probably embarrassed as well. We surprisingly looked at each other like we both wouldn't believe what had happened. I also felt embarrassed as I didn't know what to do and to say for the first time. And when we looked at each other, she began to let out an additional wind sounding exactly the same, which didn't sound to stop and lasted for approximately twelve seconds. My tummy started tickling as if I were going up and down on a roller coaster, because I had never heard such noise before. It was so out of her character. When we kept on looking both astonished, there came a decent whiff of carbon, which became stronger. Thereby, Julia slowly began to smile. While Julia's odor became so pungent and penetratingly benevolent at the same time, her smile switched slowly and unstoppably into blunt und pure laughing. Her face was so natural that I enjoyed every sight her aspect offered me to observe, especially her chuckling lips and her orthodontically untreated, but sympathetic, slightly rabbit-like front teeth, while I couldn't escape from the unequivocal aroma. It was the resulting bouquet from an extensive, fully fermented and ultimately completed digestion, which had the privilege of being subordinate to an equilibrium interplay between movement and rest. The emanating essence had its effect in the sensitive dosage that Julia caused with every single loss of control. That combination of her face and the exhalation of her intestinal creation was stuck in my mind at that moment. While she was still laughing, she asked me, "What's wrong?" before she added, "Don’t you dare to tell!" Suddenly, I got extremely aroused due to an incident I felt ashamed of. I could still play over well as I tried to think of that stupid board game with the higher level I was going to achieve. Hence, she didn't notice anything. Two or three rounds later, while I was still assuming it was just an exception, she released another fart sounding like a motor-cycle – like ppprprprprp – about two or three seconds long, but that time, she just smiled with a bit of enjoyment in her face without making a noise. Perhaps she knew that she didn't feel it necessary anymore to hold it back in front of me. Some minutes later while just having finished another round of game including tough overtime, when her legs were drawn up, she swiftly laid her legs to the floor before letting out another flatulence – the way like pfffffprprp – nearly nine or ten seconds. It looked like she was trying to make it raunchier and louder. When she had released that bubble of gas, she was kind of grinning and saying sarcastically, "Sorry." while a kind of saltier smell from the place where she was sitting came to develop and fulfil the whole room. After we both finished the board game, we both sat side by side with our backs against the wall. Then she kind of warned me by saying, "I need to poot again." before she laid both her legs close to the floor, but slightly opened from each other, while rattling long but with interruption – like prp - p - prpfffffffff - prpffff. Subsequently, the expression of her face was full of enjoyment and pleasure, as if she were going to sigh, but she didn't. It was the first time that I was eagerly awaiting the scent of her ass breath. It smelled irresistibly personal, as if she had sent me a choir of angels singing – only for me – an invitation to her inside. About fifteen minutes later I heard someone knocking on the door. Julia quickly jumped up, immediately took a seat at her desk and called, "Yeah, come in." The door was opened by her mom – my aunt – who told me, "Prepare your bedroom for the night!" Pushed from outside, I left Julia by stepping out of her room, true to the hardly consoling saying, “Leave on a high note!”

So, I went to prepare my bed for the following night. But I felt and wished that I could have spent more time with Julia after I left, because I guessed she seemingly had more gas to release and unfortunately, I was not around her. After I prepared the bed in my sleeping room, it was around 7 p.m. and we all went for lunch, which lasted for around one and a half hours. I wished I would have spent the evening with Julia alone, but about one or two hours later Julia went to bed and there was no further reason to stay up much longer.

The following morning, we had breakfast around 8 a.m., after which my parents and I packed our things for leaving. As I was doing my final planning for our trip, I realized I had forgotten my wristwatch in Julia's room the day before, after my aunt told me to prepare my bedroom. I knew exactly where my watch was. So, I went to Julia's room, knocked on her door and asked her to let me in to pick it up. But she didn't answer. So, I carefully opened the door and realized she was not in her room. I finally found what I had forgotten and was ready to go, when I saw some clothes on her floor. Easy to see, among others there was the white short dress with blue flowers and green leaves she had worn the day before. Suddenly, my heart began beating faster and faster, because I realized that I indeed entered the deepest privacy of my cousin Julia. The next moment I got a fright when I saw a white piece of underwear, because I knew it had to be hers, although I had never seen Julia wearing them directly. But there was no doubt that those underclothes on the floor were not those she had worn the day before, when she was letting out all those unforgettable farts. I really began to tremble as I knew I had a chance to check out sniffing them. I picked up her underpants, looked inside and noticed a huge medium brown colored stain over the whole part where her butt-cheeks had to be placed, which reached through her vagina area up to the part where traces of urine could be expected. On the vagina area, there were also some slight, but clear white traces with some yellow traces above. Except at the top edges, the remaining regions were beige stained. Her underpants looked like she didn't know how to wipe herself after the toilet. Doubtlessly, she wiped in the "wrong" direction. Slowly and automatically, I put that cotton area up to my nose to take a slight deep becoming whiff. What I inhaled was almost improbable. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced: THE ULTIMATE HEAVEN. I was not capable of describing it in words, but I knew it was a combination of heavy musty sweat filling with traces of old shit after – supposedly careless – wiping. They smelled like she had worn them for days over many days without changing them and without showering herself. Immediately, I got an erection. But I didn't have a chance to satisfy that huge desire. Therefore, I finally put that part of cotton named Julia's panties into the pocket of my backpack, while thinking that I could hardly wait to come home sniffing them extensively.

Subsequently, I went out of Julia's room down to the house lobby where my parents were waiting for me to tell me that we three had to leave now. My aunt went outside in the garden and called her daughter, "Julia, they gotta go. C'mon!" Julia ran out of the garden into the house to the lobby to be part of the decent host family who played the role of the warm goodbye committee telling me and my parents, "It was a great pleasure for us to have welcomed you three. Bon voyage and we are looking forward to you coming to visit us again!" On that morning, when Julia was the well-mannered host daughter standing in the lobby, she wore a short skinny jean with a light green T-shirt while her hair was open. I wanted her to be the last one I said goodbye to. When I squeezed my aunt for goodbye, I noticed Julia staring at me. When she noticed that I noticed her staring at me – How confusing, wasn't it? – she abruptly looked somewhere else as if she had felt like being caught. When it was my turn to squeeze Julia for goodbye, her hair had a freshly showered fragrance. When she smiled at me, it looked as if she was trying to hide her laughing or her crying, which I couldn't recognize. It all went so fast and my heart was beating like crazy while I was overwhelmed by her and thinking of what I got in my backpack from her. Around 9:30 a.m., me and my parents left for home.

When we had finally arrived at home again, I ran into my room, locked the door and even pulled down the curtain to be on the safe side. Then I grabbed into my backpack while my heart was going to explode, opened my jeans, laid down on my bed and started doing what REALLY had to be done. I put my nose toward that alluring Julia-raped victim of cotton, into that darkest part of her panties and inhaled so slowly as I feared the elegance I savored would break immediately. But the essence was so unbelievably strong that I could not resist masturbating and my orgasm came nearly thirty seconds later. Never before and later, my ejaculation came faster than that time. Subsequently, I needed to start jerking off again. I repeated that process several times more the following night. It felt so necessary like sleeping, drinking and eating. I imagined her tender face, her round voice, her lips which always tended to start laughing, the exhalation of her fruitily tart and sometimes eggy bad breath in the middle of the day, when we were close face to face, her whole body in different situations, captured on my mind and on several pics, I collected, and the redolence of her intestinal gasses. But in all situations, I was enjoying the enveloping spell of HER scents additionally by caressing that cotton with my nose. From that moment on, my yearning was exclusively focused on Julia. However, since she was my cousin, I neither expected me to talk to her about my feelings nor did I ask her, what she might feel like. What would both our parents think if I...? Despite our relation, I noticed and realized every conceivable trait from her. Whenever I met Julia, I collected all particles of her charisma and learned to know how I literally soaked up everything she gave, with all my senses, waiting for a moment when I had an opportunity to enjoy at least my imagination of her.

In the ensuing years after 2003, it still happened that Julia let herself go from time to time with pleasure or even celebrating. Occasionally, it became clear that she even possessed longing, obsessive traits, as she got into her frivolously uncouth "yoga position" on almost each occasion with unmistakable anticipation in her facial expression: straight back and hard floor sufficient, regardless of whether she was on a swimming or winter holiday with her ski equipment still on. In 2005, it even went so far that Julia misused the air pump of her bike, because she was determined to hear and feel the interaction of the wooden floor with her body and her new jeans. Nobody could ever have imagined that as a girl, Julia liked to play an air balloon, and so persistently explored all achievable variations of sounds and scents through improvising and sounding out as far as possible, which seemed to be comfortable to her.

But now, she is basically a very well-behaved, attractive young woman. At least outwardly and in public – also in my presence – she is now quite decent. Unfortunately, I can no longer say how she behaves when she is alone. Even now, Julia is still my main fantasy and the temple of my desire. I still crave Julia above all else and will continue to do so, because she was, is and will remain the most important projection screen of my secret perversions.
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