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Banu goes in for an operation. Part 3
Adventures of Banu And Selena, Part 4

Banu Gets An Eye, Part 3


r. Ortega watched his daughter and Reggie build their “griffon”. He was pretty sure it was actually a Manticore minus the scorpion tale but that didn’t matter to the children. He leaned back and thought about taking Banu to the examination room fifteen minutes ago.

         Mr. Ortega carried Banu into the small room and set him down on the steel examination table. They were there only a moment before the Doctor came in.
         “Hello, Mr. Ortega and hello Banu. How are you feeling Banu?”
         “I am OK,” he said quietly.
         “You know why you are here today, right?”
         “Yes. I am getting a new eye,” he said with a little worry in his voice.
         “That’s correct. This is a delicate procedure but you will go home today, so you can sleep in your own bed tonight. Do you understand?”
         “I think so. Will it hurt?”
         “No, it should not. I want you to take this pill. It will make you sleepy.”
         The Doctor placed a small white pill in Banu’s hand and gave him a small cup of water. He looked at the pill for a moment then straightened up and put it in his mouth and drank the water.
         “You should lay down on that pillow, so you don’t fall when you get drowsy,” the Doctor said, then looking at Mr. Ortega added. “I will leave to go check on the OR. A med-tech will be back in a few minutes to take him there.”
         She left the room.
         “How do you feel, Banu?” Mr. Ortega asked.
         The little bear was quiet for a moment then said, quietly, “Scared.”
         Mr. Ortega put his hand on Banu’s chest and the little bear hugged it tightly, tears welling up in his eyes.
         “It’s OK to be afraid. This is a new thing but you can trust the Doctor and the med-techs. I won’t leave you,” Mr. Ortega said quietly.
         “Thank you,” Banu replied drowsily then added. “Love you, papa.”
         A look of surprise showed momentarily on Mr. Ortega’s face before he replied, “I love you too, Banu.”
         The bear fell asleep and began quietly snoring. A couple of minutes later a med-tech entered the room with a small cart. She picked Banu up gently and laid him on the cart.
         “I will come to you in the waiting room when he is in recovery,” she said just before wheeling Banu out of the room.

         “OK, it looks done. Lets put the crystal in,” Selena said.
         Reggie picked up a small velvet bag that had been in the box with the puzzle pieces. He took out a small, light blue crystal and dropped it into a slot on the belly of the puzzle. He snapped the cover closed and put it back on its feet.
         A moment passed and the Manticore’s eyes opened and it gave out a growl.
         Selena and Reggie squealed with delight.
         “We did it, Reggie,” Selena said then added. “Papa, see it works!”
         The little Manticore stretched its legs then it’s wings, shook itself then trotted down the table a short distance, turned around then started running and flapping its wings. It launched into the air just a foot from Selena. It circled the room just below the ceiling then did a few flipped and other acrobatics then landed on the table again.
         “Awesome!” Reggie cried when the Manticore landed.
         The Manticore gave a small roar then settled down and fell asleep.
         “You want to play another game?” Selena asked.
         “Yeah, how about this game?” Reggie asked while hold in up a deck of cards.
         “OK, let's go to that table over there,” Selena said pointing to a nearby table.

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