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Not really coherent writing, just some scattered thoughts about the human body
We are what we eat; we are what we consume.

Our longevity and general well-being depend on the state of our body. Any ailment, be it minor or severe can seriously impede our life experiences.

The setting sun can be a spectacular view, only if no pain and sores are attacking your body.

All of our senses are the transcriptions of sensory organ impulse within the brain. Our joys and sorrows are the conjurations of the brain, it's health can make our day or make our daily lives a hellish experience.

A healthy body is certainly one gift that we should cherish, however, in our youthful splendour we sometimes neglected the importance of maintaining our vessel at its utmost top shape.

Without eyesight, we are forever left in the dark, fumbling our ways through a world that is already clustered in protruding hindrance.

Without an able body, we could still achieve wonders, there are so many who had proven themselves even in their perils. Though a capable body is a prerequisite in many fields, we only have the ability to open certain doors through our hard work and determination in education. We do not want a crippled body to needlessly hold us back further.

Without exercise, our body does not have enough mitochondria to keep the electron transport chains going and provide enough energy while we are suddenly put in a precarious situation.

Without daily exercise, every step we take can be a struggle, wheezing as we worked the shrunken muscles.

Not sleeping for long hours we will become sluggish and slow to respond. What we feel when sleep-deprived might not be logical.

We could easily act in reckless abandon while we are under influence.

And what about mental health?

The body is an intricate machine that had developed through tens of thousands of years and we are not supernatural beings.

The importance of maintaining the body is an urgent thing.

Yearly check-ups after you are thirty can keep up the longevity.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2231957-Consider-the-body