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He killed her son. Mom teaches him a lesson.
A fourteen year old boy shot and killed an innocent teenager to prove himself to his gang. At the trial, the victim's mother sat still and silent until the end when he convicted of the killing. As he was being taken away in handcuffs, the mother stood up slowly, looked him in the eye and said,"I'm gonna kill you," and sat back down.

After being in prison for year or so, the mother of the slain boy goes to visit him. Now, that boy had been living on the streets before the killing and she was the only one who visitor who he ever had. Not even the gang members came to visit him. He was kind of frightened before she came but she said," No, I just want to talk to you." They talked for a while and when she left, she gave him money for cigarettes. She started, step-by-step, visiting him more regularly, trying to understand the guy who killed her child.

She goes every few months and when he's about to get out at the age of 18, she asks him,"What are you gonna do when you get out?"

He replies," I got no idea. I've got no family. I don't know."

She said," I've got a friend who owns a little factory. Maybe I can get you a job there." So she arranges it with the parole officer and then she said,"Where are you gonna stay?"

He answers,"I don't know where I'm gonna go. I don't have anybody."

She said,"I've got a spare room. You can stay with me." So he comes and stays with her. After six months, she pulls him aside and says, "You know, I really gotta talk with you. Come on in the living room and sit down; let's talk." She sits opposite of him and looks him the eyes, and says,"Do you remember in court the day you were convicted of murdering my son for no reason at all and I said I was gonna kill you?"

He said,"Yes ma'am, I'll never forget that day."

She looked back at him and said,"Well, I did. I did not want the boy who murdered my son to live on this Earth anymore. I wanted him to die. And that's how I set about changing you; bringing you things, giving you a job and letting you live here with me. And you're not that same person anymore. That old boy, he's gone but I don't have anybody and I wanna know if you would stay here. I wanna know, if I could adopt you as my son." And he said 'yes' and she became the mother of her son's killer. The mother he never had.

(I adapted this story from Prince Ea on Youtube. I do not own this. I just thought I wanted to share it with you guys)

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