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The estimation of worth from others when they consider you worthless

I am the pariah, the goat you scape

The cloth of shame upon me drape

The scarlet alphabet upon my breast

The inhuman soul you manifest

Pull my teeth, no need to eat

Cast to me only rancid meat

To the maggots with offal's better

Left for me to feast on fetor

Seel my eyes, I should not see

Those of you much better than me

Upon me stare with grim and grimace

Point and laugh at the blinded menace

Fill my ears, I shall not hear

Only for you to enjoy your jeers

The songs of nymphs in melody

Are a beauty never meant for me

Sever my tongue, don't need no speech

If ignorance is all I can preach

The brainless one, or so you'll say

Who like an ass should only bray

Take my nose, leave only holes

Through which poison miasma may flow

To smell amaranth is for the few

Not for me, too worthless to

Now sew my lips so I can't kiss

The purity of a virgin miss

It would pain her soul, would my embrace

The dissolute to taste the chaste

Break my fingers, one by one

The glory of touch for me is gone

Infamy's pain my carnal delight

Shown now to me in my agonal plight

Hobble my legs, may not traverse

The beauty of our mother, Earth

Put an end to my peregrinations

Which you say cause only devastation

Now view the lump of flesh called Me

Left in dark and sanguinity

You'll shudder in horror and turn away

But just remember

You made me this way

C Michael M

April 16, 2004

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