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by Mr M
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The reason why a girl can never achieve gender equality
For many centauries' girl child has been suffering not only in the hands of men but also in the real world. Some of them have lost their lives, properties, jobs, and many other valuable things in life. I have seen many organizations, well-wishers, government trying to rescue girl child. It is really painful when your mother, sister, aunt, mother or your girlfriend get got in this mess. Today I'm going to discuss how a girl child herself has aided in her own suffering. We are going to see why women have been always unsuccessful in fighting for their rights.
The first question I ask is why is it to be a girl and not a boy? The truth is that the girl is always week. However much she may try to come up she will end up failing. The girl must seek help from boy for her to succeed. Now, lets face the real truth about this issue. The woman has always believed that she is equals to a boy and thus she requires to be equals. On the other hand, it is true that a boy is stronger than the girl. Guess what happens when the boy realizes the girl is trying to be like him. This is where war begins and since the girl is weak, she keeps on failing.
I stand with my opinion as boy against gender equality not in a negative way but in a postive way. Most of time I have seen women fight for gender equality. Most of them that win end up being considered more Than men. In short when it comes to gender equality a woman is considered more than a man. We should remember at the first place we wanted equality and not consideration. This is one of factors that make women always unsuccessful. I have to comment or mention my own opinion to why I wrote this article. I now state that;
Women          must accept that are week than men.
         They          must know there is no gender equality ever.
         They          must accept help from men.
         They          must not expect to be considered more than men.
After these has taken place, I then expect this to happen on the side of men.
Must          Consider women as more important and give them first priority
         Must          respect and never molest women in any way possible.
         Must          consider women as special.
If women can accept the all of the above then it will be easy to achieve gender equality in a postive way. Try to imagine if we can accept that women are weak and then start by giving them first opportunity to education, health, job opportunity, best salary, protection, and more. This can help empower women in a real world. If government realized this and implanted laws to help women it would good. If a man has struggled all his life in education to get a good job and only when he is about to be employed his job is taken by a woman who has a least education than him only in the name of gender equality. What do think will happen? But what if the man knew clearly that this woman got his supposed employment because it was a right for her to be considered first because of her disadvantage? I believe the man would be able to understand easily. I going to explain some of instances of how a Man is mistreated only in the name of gender equality.
In Kenya for example, female students are admitted in universities with 58 points which is (*Cool* while male students are admitted in universities with 60 points which is (B). Is this gender equality or consideration? You can see how male student goes through suffering in the name of gender equality. You should remember After universities still the female graduate will be considered in time of employment over male graduate.
Another example, consider a rape case. When a woman is raped the case is considered most evil thing to have happened. People from all corners including the government Pledge to provide all kind of help in order for the woman to get just. What about men? Do you think men cannot be raped? Many men have been raped in countries but find no help. Once a man is raped no one seem to believe or even care for him. It is considered a shameful thing not even to be discussed in public. I don't remember hearing one-man rape case mentioned in justice courts or media. What about woman rape case? Is this gender equality or considerations?
What about heavy-duty work? How many women in masonry, heavy commercial driving, military, quarry mining and hard manual jobs? Only a handful of them. What pisses me more of is when it comes to salary and allowances. Salaries are paid equally. I have a friend in military he always tells me when the mission ahead of them is dangerous they always leave women behind. I have also gone through pal military training myself in National youth service of Kenya and I have seen how women were considered over us through training and even when we are serving the nation. Is that gender equality or consideration?
There are hundreds of examples that I have just left out because this three are enough. What I'm trying to ague out is that men are being denied there rights only in the name of gender equality. If we can follow the gender equality rights in a good way Then I will be glad to mention that women will win. For gender equality to come through Women must stop being considered more than men. If women want to be considered more than men, then they must forget about gender equality.

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