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To keep a record of my writings in English. My native language is Spanish :)
Today it wasn´t a normal day. The streets of Bogota were crying about the death of a citizen. Every step we take is against the violence that the state made against him. We were supposed to stay at home and believe the statements of the government without question. It is not possible. We can´t bottle up the anger in our bodies and say nothing. Yesterday wasn't the time of this death. He was the father of two children who couldn´t understand why their dad didn´t come home.

There is a viral video in the media, where two police discharge electric shocks against a man lying down on the ground. He was crying and wallowing in pain, while people around them yelled against the police. They wanted to stop them, but they couldn´t. Then, police carried him to a car, and later the family learned about his death. That is the reason people are marching on the streets today. That event was so cruel, but at the same time in the context of the violence around us, it seemed tiny. I couldn´t believe it.

On the ground, the people's anger is advancing as they destroy police stations. They are shouting at the skies that life is worth more than a station. They are yelling that he didn´t deserve that death. And while the situation is getting worse I fear for my life, because I can be another number.

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