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by tslar
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2232052
This is the introduction to a series of Tiny people Vore stories that I'm slowly creating.
World Of Shrunks - World foundations


This is a prologue for a series of stories (and maybe captions) that I'm going to upload on my DA and writing.com accounts.

People that are long familiar with Shrunken people or any other Giantess stories and captions, can skip that. In this opening chapter I will lay the foundations for the world which the stories will take place in.
If you are new to the Giantess, Shrunken people, and Vore fantasies (fetishes..), please go ahead and read it.

* I'm going to use metric units when describing sizes and stuff. You're welcome to use google for converting to retard units if you like.
* Also, please note that English is not my main language. There might be grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm sorry for that and I'm trying to improve.
* I'm going to upload all stories in PDF format. It's easier to read both at PC and on mobile than in the DA interface.
* Shrunken persons are called: Shrinkie, Shrunks, Tinies, Littles, etc.. Normal size people (not-shrunken) are called: Normal, Norms, People..


The world is a kind of parallel world to the one we live in. In this world, there are shrunken people, who were shrunk for different reasons. Shrunken people sizes can vary from as tiny as few mm tall (ant size) and up to 20 cm (doll size). However, that phenomenon started only few years ago, and society is still trying to cope with that.

There are multiple ways that a person can get shrunk:

One of the ways is genetic. Some people have some dormant gene in their DNA, that may or may not cause a spontaneous Shrinking disease to erupt. It can happen at any age and causes the gene carriers to shrink down to a variety of sizes. Generally, the average shrinking size of the Shrink gene carriers would be on the lower third (from ant size to 5 cm), but there are exceptions. Doctors can run tests to find out if you carry the gene but cannot take any action to stop it. Once a person gets shrunk by this way, it's untraversable. Take note that these people born as Norms and become Shurnks at some point.

A second way to be shrunk is a Shrinking virus. As much as any other virus out there, the shrinking virus is not always active and there are asymptomatic carriers. Those who get afflicted, will feel sick and will shrunk down in a matter of 2~3 days. The final size of the Shrinking virus afflicted can vary along all the spectrum, but the majority are 2~12 cm tall. The problem with the virus, is that it's very hard to detect and protect yourself from. Face masks and social distancing proved to fail containing the outbreaks. However, the contamination factor is quite low, and most people have a natural immunity for it.

A third way to get shrunk is on purpose. In some cases, a legal action is taken against a person, and the court can sentence them to be shrunk. Whether the reason is a personal persecution or charging a criminal, the attorneys can ask for this sentence and the court have the power to order that. The industrial shrinking process is not cheap and not very common accordingly. However, in this method the person can be shrunk down to any desirable size. After being shrunk by that way, one can undergo an extremely complicated and highly expansive process, which can bring them back to their original stature. Obviously that re-growing process is very rare.

These are the three main reasons people find themselves at a miniature size. Some doctors, lifestyle advisors, and superstitious people, claim they have some ways to lessen the odds of one catching the Shrinking virus or having their genetic condition erupt. There are no current scientific approved methods to support that.

Physics of shrunken people:

Anatomically, shrunken people are much like Norms, just much smaller. A person who's shrunk, will be keeping their old mind, with their memories and all. Regarding the aspects of durability, there is no "one rule apply for all". People who get shrunk appear to have a variety of durability qualifications. Some have a regular body strength, scaled down to their size, and some get a stronger, more durable body when downsized. This can explain why some shrunken people can survive some extreme conditions that if were applied to a Norm, they would probably be dead. Some high-end shrinking institutions can engineer this quality in their subjects as well as their size.

When it comes to using their senses, shrunken people work the same as Norms. However, depending on their size, their voice is weakened. If looking at their muscle strength, it's in correlation with their durability. For instance, a 5 cm Tiny that can survive a jump from the table to the floor, can be strong enough to climb back on one of its legs. Another example is a 10 cm Tiny that was somehow swallowed whole, if durable enough, he can seriously injure the stomach of the person who ate him from the inside and cause severe internal wounds.

Society attitude towards Tinies:

Here is where it gets interesting. At first, when the shrinking phenomenon started to take place, people were afraid. After several years of society learning to live with that, countless of scientific researches, and some political moves, the situation is now calm. Depending on the country, region, and the community that lives there, the treatment towards Shrunken people varies.

In general, shrunken people are not considered as regular human beings. Most civilizations looking at them in no different eyes than at bugs. Here and there you could see the rare occasion of a family treating a shrunken member as they were still a Norm. there are also some small organizations that advocate Tinies rights. However, the vast majority of Norms don't see Tinies as equals, regardless the reason of being shrunk.

Furthermore, the mainstream Norms demonstrate a lot of cruelty, deliberately or not, towards the shrunken. Some even go as far as claiming that Tinies have no place among Norms and should be eliminated as soon as they get shrunk and discovered. And so, as many times before, human beings (Norms) take advantage of everything and everyone they can. That leads us to the most common role of shrunken people in this world. Food.

That's right. Shrunken people are considered a delicacy. Although not as common and not nearly at the amounts of other meats like chicken, pork and beef, you can still find them everywhere that serves or sells food. Shrunken people are being eaten in all sorts of ways. They can be eaten alive, raw, fully cooked, semi cooked yet still alive, or food factory processed.

Swallow them alive and whole is a pretty common way to consume them. If their size is small enough, and they aren't able to try put up a fight, they can be swallowed like oysters. The bigger sized Tinies however, are almost exclusively being chewed or torn apart somehow before being swallowed.

Teenagers and young adults have a habit of playing with or torturing Tinies before eating them. In addition, the law in most places determine that killing, harming or doing anything to a shrunken person is totally legal. Therefor, these young people have sometime the tendency to have a Tiny killed in some way just for fun, and not necessarily as food.

Once a person is being shrunk, they know their end is near. Some companies established their all business around the Tinies industry. Usually people who got shrunk in a natural way will try to hide and survive or seek someone they trust to take care of them. Even then, it is almost certainly just temporary before they end up somewhere in the food industry.

General guidelines in my stories:

- My main focus is Vore. The stories (and captions, if there will be) will mainly focus on vore. HOWEVER, there will be some other fantasies (fetishes) including but not limited to: scat, watersports, farts, burps, smells, messy, garbage, humiliation, cruelty, torture, digestion, crush, etc..
There might be a little bit feet content, but it will be mainly crushed under shoe or something. Sorry feet fetishists, that's just not my thing.

- No underage sexual activity. I take care to make the characters above 18 or at least 16 for the very least if there is any sexual activity involving them. However, there can be characters who participate in Vore (being eaten as Tiny or eating shrunken people as Norm) that might be under 16. In that case, the parts involving them will be purely written as fiction/ fantasy and not erotic.

- Following that, if I make college students act a bit childish, like in high school, it's to use the school theme but with more age suitable characters.

- Remember, Vore is not sex. The Vore fantasy may sexually arouse some of us but not necessarily.

- There almost will not be any "incest" parts. There most certainly will not be any incest sexual content, but there might be some parts of vore only (non-sexual) parts involving same family members.

- I won't include parts where you see a Norm girl carrying Tinies inside her vagina or butt. It is stupid. When is the last time you saw a girl carrying something around inside one of her nether holes? Norms have pockets and bags!

- Unless told differently, assume Tinies are naked. Not in a sexual way, but in some animal or bug like way.

- My stories tend to get heavy on the cruelty and torture side, soft vore in a world of unicorns and rainbows is not here.


- I write mostly from a straight male perspective, but my stories can include all combinations of genders, both for Norms and Tinies, so you may encounter all the combinations of F/m , F/f , M/f , M/m and all that. You may see elements of lesbian/ gay/ bisexual/ whatever..

- I'm sorry for any lack in variety of names and different ethnic represent. I'm not living in America and not proficient in that subject enough.

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