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"Once on cops' net, you ca'nt escape" they said.
DFFC Prompt for 9/11: Write a story that includes the line: “You’re under arrest.”

“The cops are on the left lane behind me; better I cross to right most" worried “whom're they chasing?”

Lynda,restless seeing the cops behind us “The guys are looking at us, change to right lane you can slowdown, let them pass by. Act fast” screamed.

“ I’m unable to shift lane, no gap , we get rammed at back. Don’t scream, I may goof it up ”

‘Thank God” heaved a sigh of relief.

“The guy on my right lane’s slowing, it’s nice I get to right most lane”

“Buck up, take the next exit, let the guys go forward, they’re speeding” Lynda gave a bright idea!

Swerving I got into exit ,it’s forest like surroundings. I thought we escaped them.

“Let’s enter the mall, park and give them a slip in the crowds”

“ Nice idea, let me enter” I'm parking.

Suddenly cops swooped on us “Stop, show your papers” shouting.

I brought down window glass, thrust my and vehicle papers.

“ Come out, we’ve information, you carry Cannabis, show or face wrath” he pulled us out . “What do you think of us. Once on our net, you can’t escape”

“Mistaken officer, we don’t have such items, search” I pulled a fast one.
“Are you kidding? See this,” he showed a video, the guy's giving the stuff to me to carry it to their gas station at # exit 36, thrusting a bundle of currency for the favor.

Lynda brought the stuff"We don’t know what it contains. The guy asked us favor handing it over at their gas station. A nice gentleman, we knew, didn’t sense any trap”

“Yes ,he’s gentleman and you guys are innocent” he passed sarcastic remark.

Another cop sprung up “Say it Ignorant”, handcuffed us, “You’re under arrest”

Word count 295

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