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Describes why women should be empowered towards a technology career and go for tech jobs.
Across the world , there are millions of people surviving the various changes that are taking place . Women make a large part of the world’s population.Digitalization is the most influential change that has occurred around the world. These days , each and every single thing in life is dependent on technology, right from home appliances like vacuum cleaners and refrigerators to communicating devices like mobile phones and laptops . Around the globe , 200 million men more than women are getting the access to the careers in technology . This implies that women are left behind to struggle to earn a living . Though there are several kinds of jobs out there ,a career in technology will definitely improve the overall personality and life of a women and as well as their families. It would be an asset to the families where there are women working in the IT field , as there would be more advancement in the family income and family plans. Also empowering women in technology careers would help bridge the gap between men and women. In such a scenario , it is very important that women should be empowered towards a technology career.

Women are very much keen and equally enthusiastic to work in a technological field. I feel they have been encouraged to study in the field of technology and are still being encouraged to do so. I feel women have the capability to understand and work with their colleagues in a work environment efficiently and cooperatively. I feel that women have a strong dedication towards their work and they can handle all their responsibilities skillfully . Empowering women towards a technology career would create a large impact on the society and would change the way women are looked at . Apart from work I feel that women are also very disciplined ,not to say that men are not , but I feel that women are equally motivated towards work. I also feel that equality will help both sexes thrive. For instance, men who mentor women will not only help women advance because men still make up the majority of leadership positions, but they’ll also expand their own networks and, therefore, their spheres of influence. A career in technology would help women to build their lifestyle and get a better identity in the society and as well as a satisfaction that they are working in the field that is trending the most in the 21st century. Nowadays IT companies are offering various opportunities to women and offers like heath care services , which I feel is a very good strategy to increase the staff in the organization as well as to include women as staff. Though a technology career is not a cake walk , it should be made available for women to compete as in this fast moving world , the point is to finish the work successfully regardless of who is working amd it has no relation with gender . I feel that encouraging women and heading them into the technology career would raise the standards of the companies and would bring a unique reputation.
"Women shouldn't be afraid to put themselves forward"
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