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by Kidd
Rated: 13+ · Other · Cultural · #2232114
an idea of where we are as mankind
From times past to times unseen, there have been whispers of street prophets who question the very fate of our tomorrow. Oftentimes, their message and troubled appearance draws reservation to the existence of their mental perception.

The signs burdened upon the backs of these prophets of woe, wailing the message of time being over at last for mankind. Signs carried like a cross on the backs of men with neither chance, nor hope. Unless, that hope is seen through the return of their Messiah, even this hope is cried out as impending doom for the lost, unknowing souls that have yet had the opportunity to find the prospect of hope in the Messiah they’re proclaiming.

Were these prophets of time in error, or is their time now at hand, and their message seen in the world’s current state of unrest? “Judgement is nigh! The End is near!” this has been the message for an era. Some judgement is required to discern these proclamations.

As seen now, a culture of despair is woke, to the hopeless society of today’s world. As the birth of insurrection draws nearer, the pain this birth generates, is closer and more constant, then at the conception. The new beginning of ideas for utopia, may seem a joyful and bliss promise, until the cost to all is considered.

Unity requires for a faction to join, to unite, but to unite one faction must divide from itself to join the other. A call for unity must include the resolve to unite the differences of the cultures, not to change the ideology that makes ones culture unique.

Today’s humanity is divided, ripped apart from the adhesion of self-belief, and the connection to a cultural self, this division creates humanities need to support the diversity of all peoples as cultivated thus created. Acceptance does not require approval just an unbiased consideration, a consideration that one would yearn for oneself.

Wounds are healed through blood, but not the blood of others. Blood, by and by appears as scabs to protect the wound for a time given to heal. The progression begins to show evidence of scars, where the damage was a long time ago, overly apparent, yet even with a time the scars too can fade.

The end of time may well be at hand, if the wounds, caused by our own adverseness towards acceptance, the acceptance of a cultural multiplicity, which is required to be a society of cohesion, cannot be healed.

Humanity is bleeding to death, from self-inflicted wounds, even a cancer brought on by an irrelevance towards the body of mankind. The bleeding must be stopped, or the prophecy of doom shall be resolved.
One of the great signs that the street prophets of old carried to provide hope to the masses, was the proclamation,

Salvation is at hand”

Society must turn away from the path that some would follow, that leads toward the total destruction of humanity as mankind knows it.
Redemption can be had from a blended yet diverse acceptance of all cultures, coming together for the greater good of all peoples.
If in fact this is not achieved presently then the Messiah of the prophets may well be the only answer that may inspire hope.

Knowing what is needed, to forgo the ultimate conclusion, of what is apparent, as our world weeps tears of despair, I believe it is time for me to make a sign, carry my cross, and to proclaim

“The End is Nigh!”
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