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by catdok
Rated: E · Poetry · Contest · #2232119
Entry for Writer's Cramp

My time ship stops
In future far
And hides behind
A blazing star

Why does it hide
It knows the score
We've dropped into
A raging war

lasers sear
The inky dark
Missiles leave
Bright trails of spark

Armored robots
Fight to win
Star ship cruisers
Turn and spin

But for me
It's just begun
I've been spotted
Time to run

I slam it into
Hyper Drive
Straight at Saturn
Then I'll dive

Alas it's all
To no avail
A light speed fighter's
On my tail

He heats up his
Destructor ray
Looks like it's
My final day

I drop my pizza
Lunge and roll
To snag TV's
Remote control

The next show is
A safer place
There are no rules
In outer space

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