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by Kidd
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Voices in my head
          Shhh! Did you hear that? Wait! There it is again! Can it be true? Why would they say something like that if it wasn't true? I don't know if I should listen to them, but yet they seem very familiar. Oh, I know I have heard them before. I remember now, it was that voice that I listened to that time I ran away from home when I was 10 years old. That didn't work out very well for me that time, and boy did I get in trouble when I did finally find my way back. They told me that I would be better off if I just went ahead and left, that I could take care of myself, that no one would miss me any way. But as I was sitting in those dark woods listening to sounds of things unknown, of sounds that made the hairs stand up on my neck, I should have realized that they had mislead me. Why would they say those things? Did they do it intentionally? Oh probably not, I must have just misunderstood them. There really would not be a reason for them to mislead me
         "Go ahead put it your pocket, no one is looking, they have plenty more." "What are you waiting for go ahead and take it." "You're not scared are you?" Wait is that the same voice I heard before? It sounds older, well now that it's older it undoubtedly knows what it is saying, so I should probably listen, I guess. Did anyone see me? Why am I running, am I being followed? This doesn't feel right! I am not going to listen to them anymore.

          "Hey, you want to have some fun?" "Those guys are really cool you should be more like them." "Man! Look what a great time they're having" "It will be okay, a lot of guys do it" I don't feel right something is wrong with me, I kind of liked it though, those guys really seemed to like me when I was smoking and drinking with them. I guess that voice was right this time, I guess it will be okay, I mean they said a lot of guys do it. I am not going to listen to them anymore.

         "What is wrong with you? Remember what a good time you had the last time? "Maybe if you do more of it, it might even be better." If you start this party earlier you will have a head start on everybody else." Wait, where am I? Why do I hurt all over? Is that blood on my clothes? Something bad must have happened, but why can't I remember what it was? Why am I locked in here, did I do something wrong? This is not okay! This is not what I wanted to happen. I am never going to listen to that voice again, it is always wrong! I really am in trouble this time!

         "It's your fault you should have listen to us." I did listen to you, that's why I am in so much trouble now! "Well, you finally got out of that mess, what you want to do now?" What I am not going to do is just blindly listen to this stupid voice anymore! When I hear it, there will be plenty of questions about the outcome of what they're saying and what kind of trouble they might get me into next time.

          "Hey I have an idea let's have some fun!"

SHHH! This is my voice now!

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